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Staff Picks: Holiday Edition – Lawyer Themed Gift Ideas

December 2, 2013

Given the holiday season has well and truly arrived, here’s a special edition of Staff Picks with some weird and wonderful, lawyer themed gift ideas. Why not surprise and delight a colleague (or an opponent) with one of these!

Gift Idea #1

Make your clients feel like a star when they come into your office with this novelty mirror.

Novelty Mirror

Buy it here:

Gift Idea #2

And if that doesn’t make them feel special, add a firm handshake to your office door.

Handshake Handle

Buy it here:

Gift Idea #3

Why limit wearing a suit to when you’re in front of a judge? With the pajama suit you can also sleep in style.

suit pajamas

Buy it here:

Gift Idea #4

Worried about security? How about a secret bookcase door.

Bookcase Door

Buy it here:

Gift Idea #5

This could be the perfect gift for attorneys who tend to fall asleep at inappropriate times.

Sleep Tape

Buy it here:

Gift Idea #6

Know someone who fancies themselves as a real shark?  Surprise them with this remote-controlled, flying balloon.


Buy it here:

Gift Idea #7

For the whiskey lovers out there, these stones will ensure your drink stays cold, but not watery.

Whiskey Stone Ice

Buy it here:

Gift Idea #8

And finally, the greatest gift of all… the gift of productivity!


Buy it here:

1 thought on “Staff Picks: Holiday Edition – Lawyer Themed Gift Ideas”

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