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Starting a new law firm

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Smokeball makes it easy for you to get off on the right foot when you’re starting your own law firm. Our productivity software will allow you to get far more work done (it’s almost like having your own assistant in your computer) and it will ensure that from day one you are organized and efficient when it comes to managing your contacts, your emails, your documents and your forms.

Your own template forms will become a significant part of the IP of your practice and Smokeball makes it easy to set up a quality set of forms. This will give your firm quality standards and set you up for easy future growth.
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Smokeball is cloud based and your subscription to Smokeball includes full back ups of your critical firm data in real time every day as you work; and also means that you can work where you need to. If you are sharing offices or working from multiple locations while you get started, just take your laptop with you and you’re ready to go. And when you’re ready to grow, you can easily allow a part-time or full-time assistant access to your data so they can work for you no matter where you need them to work from!

Smokeball organizes you as you work, so even if you are not the most organized person in the world, you will find that using Smokeball ensures that your firm’s information is always where you need it to be. This is because Smokeball creates a digital file for every matter pulling together all:

  • contacts relating to the file – client, other attorneys, realtors, Judges, witnesses.. and the list goes on!
  • documents you have sent and received on the file
  • emails you have sent on the file – Smokeball has amazing email management built in
  • emails you have received on the file
  • file notes you have made of conversations so you always know where you’re up to.

The reports available in Smokeball help you to understand your work load: are you opening more files each month, do you need to do more networking and marketing; or is it time to get that assistant!
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