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The Best Blogs and Podcasts for Paralegals

November 24, 2015


If your law office is small, you may be the only paralegal on staff who handles the day-to-day operations of your firm. While your work likely creates many opportunities to collaborate with your firm’s attorneys, there are certain parts of your job that only a fellow paralegal could understand. Fortunately, there are many blogs and podcasts created by and for paralegals just like you. These are three great places to start:

The Paralegal Society

The Paralegal Society invites paralegals to an open discussion about their work. It features a section called “The ‘Rant’” where paralegals can complain about common frustrations (see: Help! I’m a Paralegal in Paper Prison) and discuss strategies for getting past them. Meant to cater to both new and experienced paralegals, this blog strives to create a culture rooted in paralegal camaraderie and generate a positive vibe around the paralegal profession. The Paralegal Society also includes a section where visitors can meet industry mentors and seek support, which is something every paralegal needs from time to time. And if you’re in need of an extra dose of motivation, the “Inspirational Arsenal” is filled with quotes just for paralegals that can provide the encouragement you need to make it through even the most tumultuous days at the office.

The Paralegal Voice

The Paralegal Voice podcast and blog (a Legal Talk Network affiliate) keeps paralegals up to date on the latest issues and trends surrounding their profession. Give your eyes a rest during the day and take in a podcast on a topic like technology competence or preparing for your annual review. No matter how many years you’ve listed “paralegal” as your job title, this podcast and blog offer compelling insights that will make you better at your work. From social media best practices to making your workflow more efficient, invaluable information is only a few clicks and a pair of headphones away!

Best Legal Assistant

Best Legal Assistant is a leading online resource that delivers advice on job training, certifications and interviewing to paralegals who are ready for a new opportunity. Catered mostly toward young professionals whose paralegal careers have just gotten off the ground, this blog has a treasure trove of resources including advice on what schools to attend and how to set yourself up to get hired at the ideal firm for you. Resume and cover letter tips are also helpful for new paralegals who wish to stand out to recruiters and firms across the country.

We hope these blog suggestions help you feel more connected to your fellow paralegals, especially if you work in a law office where you’re the only one in the role. And once you’ve finished checking out these blogs, make sure to browse more of our recent posts on our Law in Order blog to quench your thirst for legal knowledge!


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