The State of Legal Tech Hiring and Employment in 2016


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Jane Oxley


January 14, 2016

Results are in for Smokeball’s first annual survey on the state of legal tech hiring and employment in 2016! After surveying prominent industry players like kCura, AltLegal and eDepoze, we compiled data and insights on the state of the legal industry and where the industry is headed in the future.

Our survey asked legal tech employers about the qualities they look for in potential hires and the positions they expect to hire for in 2016. It also asked legal tech employees about their career and educational backgrounds and the factors that help them succeed at their legal tech companies.

Here’s a preview of the infographic:

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Download the Full Infographic Here

Survey Results

According to the survey results, legal tech employees are far more likely to have previous tech experience than previous legal experience. Resulted revealed that 67 percent of surveyed employees have previously held jobs in the tech industry, but only 18 percent have backgrounds in the legal industry before joining legal tech companies. Although not all that surprising, we expect to see this trend begin to shift toward a more even balance between talent with legal backgrounds and talent with tech backgrounds in 2016 as the industry continues to mature.

At Smokeball, we place a high value on hiring those who have strong backgrounds in both the tech industry and the legal industry because employees tend to have a well-rounded understanding of our end users when they have worked in the legal field. This strategy is working well for us, and we expect to see more legal tech companies follow suit in the years ahead.

We also discovered that there will be a sharp increase in the demand for sales representatives for the legal tech industry in 2016. The survey revealed that 73 percent of employers are planning on hiring new sales employees in the coming year, with customer service and professional development positions coming in second and third, respectively. Millennials are expected to fill many of these new roles, with 56 percent of managers in legal tech coming in between the ages of 31 and 40. This is great news for those looking to jumpstart their career in the legal tech industry!

Legal tech employees expressed a favorable outlook for the future of the industry. Nine out of ten employees believed that legal tech is a growing field and has ample potential for job growth. We couldn’t agree more and are excited to see legal tech prosper in the upcoming year!  

For more information about the survey and to download the infographic highlighting key findings, visit

Download the Full Infographic Here


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