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We Support You

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For us, customer support is more than just a feature. We know that for Smokeball to be successful, we need our clients to be happy; which means we have a stake in your success.

Our customer success consultants will personally visit you at your office, your home or on the road, to ensure you are set up, trained and ready to get the most out your new software.

And if you do need a helping hand down the track, we’ll be there to pick up the phone.

[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [content_box title=”“…their training has been great, and their customer service is outstanding. I would recommend Smokeball to anyone that wants to streamline their day to day work”” icon=”” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]Kate Sharp – The Law Office of Katherine Sharp[/content_box] [/one_half] [/fullwidth] [fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”https://www.smokeball.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/bgBlueDotty.jpg” backgroundrepeat=”repeat” backgroundposition=”top left” backgroundattachment=”fixed” bordersize=”1px” bordercolor=”#b1b1b1″ paddingTop=”40px” paddingBottom=”30px”]

Want more information?

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