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Rethinking Law Firm Culture and Hiring After the Great Resignation

Join Jordan Turk, practicing attorney and Smokeball legal technology adviser, for this free CLE webinar. She’ll share how technology and modern work practices help law firms evolve to meet this unprecedented moment in law firm hiring and culture.

Owning Your Success: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the Legal Field

Join attorney-turned-therapist Chelsy Castro, for a free Smokeball CLE* on how to tackle imposter syndrome and learn to value your own achievements.

Embrace the Robots: Automate Law Firm Tasks + Grow Your Practice

Non-billable tasks are necessary – but they shouldn’t occupy your every waking hour (or the firm’s profit margins). That’s where automation comes in.

Expect the Unexpected: Disaster Planning and Recovery for Your Law Firm

Your law firm can’t always anticipate a disaster – but you can prepare your response well in advance. Protect your firm against natural or manmade disasters, from hurricanes to office fires, by planning ahead.