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Law + The Great Resignation: What's Next for America's Law Firms?

How has technology helped firms navigate hiring, remote work and the day-to-day cultural struggle in the past two years? Join Dana Moran, Smokeball communications manager, and explore the results of Smokeball’s exclusive “Law + The Great Resignation” survey.

Emotional Intelligence: A Lawyer’s Guide to Improving Well-being in the Workplace and Beyond

You have the power to change your brain. Science has revealed that intelligence is not finite, and that emotional intelligence plays a significant role in an individual’s success and satisfaction.

Rethinking Law Firm Culture and Hiring After the Great Resignation

Join Jordan Turk, practicing attorney and Smokeball legal technology adviser, for this free CLE webinar. She’ll share how technology and modern work practices help law firms evolve to meet this unprecedented moment in law firm hiring and culture.