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Work from anywhere

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With Smokeball you really can work from anywhere.

As a small law firm owner, you and your staff need the flexibiility to work from the office, from home or even in court. Smokeball’s hybrid cloud model gives you all the mobility and data back-up benefits of the cloud, without the necessity for a constant internet connection.

After a simple install on each computer, all data is then hosted by Smokeball and transmitted through the cloud. This means reduced IT and support costs for your firm, and world class security for you and your clients. Your files are fully encrypted and backed-up while also able to be locally saved and accessed on your computer.

For more information on the cloud, be sure to check out the ethical requirements and recommendations that the ABA has compiled from the State Bar Assocations around the US.

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What benefits does the Cloud offer?

Everyone has access to the same data

We keep your data secure using bank-grade encryption

Be back up and running within 10 minutes of a disaster

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Want more information?

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