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Hacking Law Firm Success

The best legal podcast about law firm growth

with Jordan Turk

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What is Hacking Law Firm Success?

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When lawyers decide to hang their own shingle, many do so without the aid of an architect or contractor at the outset. We truly fly blind into the process, which usually means sitting in our offices at 10PM on a Saturday going over invoicing, trust accounting, and personnel management. It’s not necessarily the glamorous life we envisioned for ourselves. Law school didn't teach us how to properly start a firm, and so much of it is trial by error. Nevertheless, attorneys persist and form successful businesses.

Success resonates with attorneys in different ways. For some, it means getting back more free time. For others, it's a purely monetary benchmark. Regardless, success is not something that happens overnight for law firm founders, and it requires dedication and drive.

If you are a lawyer looking to grow your practice, or you want insight into how other attorneys run their firms, you’ve come to the right place. My interview series focuses on top legal professionals who are willing to candidly share their secrets to success, as well as the obstacles they have had to overcome in founding their firms. My hope is that you can learn from these experiences so that you won’t have to fly so blind into the unknown of starting a law firm and growing it.

For each interview, I’ll be sitting down with a different law firm founder from across the country to discuss a range of topics related to their law firm and its growth. From foundation to case management to firm culture, we cover it all.

About Jordan Turk

Jordan Headshot

Hello! I'm a practicing attorney in Texas, and the Legal Technology Advisor at Smokeball. My family law expertise includes complex property division and contentious custody cases, as well as appeals and prenuptial agreements. In addition to my family law practice, I'm passionate about legal technology and how it can revolutionize firms.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Classics, History, and Religious Studies and then went on to attend the University of Arkansas School of Law to earn my J.D. After almost four years of practice with a high-asset family law firm in Houston (and after being frustrated at the lack of automation in my firm), I discovered the world of legal technology which ultimately brought me to Smokeball.

In Hacking Law Firm Success with Jordan Turk, I interview law firm founders about how they grew and scaled their practices, as well as their ethos behind managing a firm. I hope this series offers actionable insights that you can incorporate into your practice.

Happy listening,

Jordan Turk

About Smokeball

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Smokeball was founded by technology leaders and legal professionals with more than 20 years of experience delivering impactful software that helps law firms achieve success. Today, we help thousands of legal professionals in dozens of practice areas Run Their Best Firm — and we’re not stopping here! Smokeball's goals are to help law firms run a successful business and to better serve our communities.

We’re dedicated to creating the best legal practice management software; helping firms grow more organized, drive productivity and increase profitability.

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