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Family Law Software that Helps You Spend More Time with Clients

Smokeball is the only family lawyer case management software you need to service your clients more effectively and save hundreds of hours of administrative work.

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Family Law Software
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Family Lawyer Software to Streamline Your Practice

Time is money as a family lawyer, so get the most out of your time with Smokeball. Our family law legal software helps you save time by automating tasks, ensuring accuracy, and increasing billable hours.

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Family law matter types tailored to you

You focus on being a great family lawyer. We’ll handle the details.

Child custody battles and divorce proceedings can be the most stressful experiences in your clients’ lives, and emergencies can arise out of nowhere. Your clients rely on you for legal expertise, organization, and fast response times, all of which allow them to rest easily, knowing their case is being managed effectively.

Practices using Smokeball family lawyer software pull up a client’s file in seconds, auto-fill important documents with jurisdiction-specific information and send it for review or e-signature with ease. Communicate via email, text message, or through Smokeball’s encrypted client portal, and save critical details to the correct matter file without extra effort, accurately.

Help clients more quickly with our family law form library

Your Smokeball Grow and Prosper subscriptions come with a vast library of more than 20,000 forms and documents. These resources are tailored for specific jurisdictions and family law. During the onboarding process, your dedicated client trainer will also upload and automate any of your firm’s custom documents.

See how it works
See how it works

Take the pain out of time sheets and bill more accurately

Law firms using Smokeball family law legal softweare bill two times more, on average, compared to those who don’t use automatic time tracking. With the deepest Microsoft Office integration on the market, Smokeball records every move you make, on every matter, without any additional effort. Our family law legal software enables you to send an email, draft a document, and record notes on a case file, all without ever having to think about logging your time.

Gone are the days of cross-referencing your calendar and QuickBooks — and a loose Post-it note or two — to get paid. When it’s time to send invoices, invoice management for family law allows you to easily review all your activity records to decide what’s billable and what’s not, ensuring accurate billing.

Show your clients the value of your services by displaying all the billable and non-billable time it takes to get to their desired outcome.

Communicate without concern.

Welcome to the new era of private, secure, quick communication. Family law is a practice area where timely responses and easy correspondence are essential. Smokeball’s family law case management system facilitates text messaging as smoothly as if it came from your personal device. You’ll never need to provide clients with your personal phone number again.

Smokeball’s client portal, Communicate, creates a secure and encrypted messaging channel that is less susceptible to unintended access than email or text messaging. Help your clients protect themselves, securely share documents, and record your conversations effortlessly.

Keep your practice in your pocket

Benefit From Extensive Integration Options

Smokeball is the most robust family law case management platform on the market. Plus, we selectively partner and integrate with firms offering billing and finance, communication, lead management, and other solutions to streamline your law practice further and increase your team’s productivity.

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“Smokeball promised tight Office 365 integration and delivered. The Account Manager was super responsive in the onboarding process, and it's made my estate planning practice more productive and profitable.”

Robert T.


Why Choose Smokeball’s Family Law Software?

The Best Cloud-Based Practice Management Software for Law Firms

Smokeball sits atop G2’s rankings of the best legal practice management software. Law firms like yours love our attorney billing software and award-winning client support, which ensures that your law practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Smokeball legal calendaring software

Automatically capture all your work

No matter how you invoice, Smokeball’s family law legal  software helps you make more money. Family law firms using Smokeball’s automatic time tracking see an average 34% profitability increase!

Billing features and invoice management for family law that make your law firm more profitable

Create professional invoices based on your activity within each case. Smokeball family law legal software also integrates with LawPay credit card processing so you get paid faster.

Our family lawyer software works where you do

Our family law software is installed on your computer and backed up by cloud-based storage. Complete client work, send invoices and get paid from anywhere.

Gain the support of Smokeball’s dedicated team

More than half of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal pros. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, your law firm benefits from our personalized support.

Explore All Features of Family Law Practice Software

Smokeball Reviews

Automatic lawyer time tracking

With Smokeball, capture every billable minute spent to fund and grow your practice.

Legal document automation & management

Automatically populate and organize legal forms to streamline your document creation for your cases.

Legal billing software

Streamlined accounting tools help you securely bill clients and collect payments, faster than ever before.

Legal calendaring

Keep your entire law office on-time and on top of your court docket — automatically.

Client intake

Streamline your prospect pipeline and grow your family law firm.

Drive Your Family Law Practice Forward Today!

  • Automatic time tracking lets you bill more accurately with a fraction of the effort

  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook

  • Our prebuilt library of 20,000+ legal forms

  • Identify business opportunities through powerful insights and reporting

  • Build a healthier, more profitable business every time you use our family law case management software

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FAQ about Family Law Software

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What is family law software?

Family law software combines law firm practice management software with features and matter types specifically designed to support your family practice. Access the forms you need, organize your caseloads, communicate with clients and track your work, all from one centralized location. Family law case management software helps your firm become more productive and profitable  while reducing your attorney and staff workloads.

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How much does family law software cost?

Smokeball family law software starts at $29 per user, per month. Choose the Smokeball package that’s right for your law firm’s needs and goals. When you onboard to Smokeball Grow or Smokeball Prosper, your family law firm gain access to our document and email automation, Microsoft Office integrations, automatic time and activity tracking and more.

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Does Smokeball support various types of billing options?

Yes! Smokeball legal billing software not only allows you to set different rates on a case-by-case or client-by-client basis, you also can choose your billing type for each family law client. Whether you choose fixed-fee, hourly, contingency, or a mix, Smokeball gives you the tools to bill for all the work you do.

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Do my family law clients have different payment options?

Yes! Smokeball family law billing software supports multiple payment types, including split billing. Our billing integration with LawPay gives you the ability to invoice and accept payments online, including with credit cards, offer payment plans, and ethically manage trust and operating accounts within Smokeball.