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Electronic Signature Software and E-Filing for Lawyers

Streamline document signing and e-filing with Smokeball legal e-signature software. Integration with DocuSign provides secure delivery and quick signing of retainers, forms, and documents. Smart InfoTrack integration provides direct e-filing from the matter. A paperless firm is your path forward.

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Legal E-Signature Software Turbocharges Your Cases

Smokeball Reviews

Organize your law practice and effortlessly manage signatures and e-filing with Smokeball. With Docusign, the top legal e-signature software, getting client e-signatures is easy using your electronic signature solution. Signatures are systematically tracked and signed legal documents are automatically saved, simplifying document management.

Step into paperless practice with our e-signature software for law firms. Once documents are signed, our integration with InfoTrack allows you to e-file forms directly from the case file. You always know the status of signings and filings with a glance.

InfoTrack and DocuSign = Paperless Practice

Smokeball’s exclusive legal electronic signature software integration with Docusign and InfoTrack means that signing and filing legal documents has never been easier. Create a document in Smokeball from our extensive legal form library. Insert DocuSign signature clauses. Add radio buttons, check boxes, text boxes, and even other supplemental documents for the client to sign. Email it to your recipient to sign documents with a few clicks.

Once legally binding documents are signed, they are automatically saved into the matter. Law firms then quickly e-file using InfoTrack. No paper, no lost documents, no copying, no mailing.

Smokeball’s system tracks the status of each document, while also recording all the billable hours involved. A paperless practice is faster, more efficient, and more profitable.

See how it works
See how it works

Court Searching and Tracking for Fast E-Filing

InfoTrack’s court searching and tracking give law firms instant access to all PACER searches as well as the ability to conduct searches across all federal and bankruptcy courts, some state courts, and trial and appeal boards.

InfoTrack searches include searches for information on companies and individuals. This includes reports on business background, news, and legal filings such as UCC filings, suits, liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.

Know the Status of Every Document

Smokeball’s legal electronic signature software tracks all documents out for signature and flags when attorney electronic signature documents are signed. Law firms receive a notification when a recipient has reviewed and signed the document. A copy of the signed document saves automatically into your Smokeball matter. Signing documents is now easier, and you won't have to worry about finding or confirming if a document was signed.

See how it works
See how it works

Fast, Reliable Filing

Smokeball legal software integrates with InfoTrack for e-filing. Law firms can file directly from the matter, choose documents, and save court-stamped files automatically.

Plus, all filing fees are automatically recorded in your matter to easily track costs. When you use InfoTrack through Smokeball, e-filing becomes second nature and your worries about Illinois e-filing disappear.

Seamless Electronic Signature Software for Law Firms

In addition to providing a diverse group of sophisticated legal search tools, InfoTrack also provides several unique services for the electronic signing and filing of documents. These include: sign IT electronic signatures, 1099S filings, and the ability to directly incorporate a company in all 50 states in minutes.

See how it works
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Smokeball has taken us into the next generation.

Colleen Ceh Becvar, Strohschein Law Group


Explore More Features to Boost Your Practice!

Smokeball Reviews

Legal Billing Software

Smokeball legal billing software accurately tracks all time for each matter and systematically auto-generates invoices, ensuring all time is billed each month for every client. Seamless integration with LawPay means invoices are paid quickly, reducing accounts outstanding.

Automated Legal Time Tracking Software

Capture every billable minute your law firm generates with Smokeball auto time-tracking software. All work done in Smokeball as well as Word, Outlook, and other programs is accurately recorded to the matter without setting timers or manually recording time. Time is then analyzed and presented through our law firm insights dashboard so you can evaluate client, employee, matter, and practice area profitability. 

Legal Case Management

Every matter for every client in every practice area is organized and accessible through our cloud-based legal case management. Emails, contacts, documents, billing, forms, and notes are immediately collated in the appropriate location with access available to all firm employees. Never cc a colleague again. Daily digests show progress on every matter.

Legal Document Automation

Smokeball auto-populates your legal documents with client data, opposing counsel, judges, and even real estate purchase prices so you spend less time entering data (and risking errors) and more time practicing law. Legal document automation integrates Smokeball’s form library with Word and PDFs, allowing you to access every form you need and customize your own.

FAQs about Legal E-Signature Software

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Why do I need e-signature software for my law firm? 

Smokeball electronic signature software for lawyers allows law firms to securely and quickly prompt clients to electronically sign documents such as retainers, forms, and other documents via Docusign. Our legal electronic signature software automatically tracks whether signatures have been obtained and immediately saves signed legal documents to the matter so you can easily e-file. Paperless, seamless law practice is the result. 

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What do I need to start using attorney e-signature software?

Get started today with a free demo. Our cloud-based practice management software runs on your existing computer system and is accessible to all your staff. With Smokeball, all your clients, matters, contacts, and forms become accessible online for every employee, at any time or any location. Our support team remotely installs Smokeball for you in just 20 minutes. Our dedicated customer service provides unlimited assistance from 8 am to 7 pm CST.  

Ready to Boost Your Law Practice?

Make your practice efficient, profitable, and professional with Smokeball. Our groundbreaking software:

  • Provides cloud-based access in the office, remotely, or via our app

  • Automatically and accurately tracks all billable time

  • Generates invoices for timely billing and with LawPay integration for immediate payment

  • Offers over 20,000 auto-populating legal forms and integration with Word

  • Organizes every case at your fingertips

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