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Turn more leads into clients

Stand out online and effortlessly turn more leads into clients. LeadPro, Smokeball’s lead management and legal client Intake software solution, captures, organizes and tracks leads so you never miss an opportunity. When you’re ready, onboard prospects with ease, providing a smooth experience they’ll remember. Because potential clients are cool, but actual clients are even cooler!

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A Smarter Way to Boost Your Legal Client Intake

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Lead generation and management are a real challenge — especially when you’re unsure if a potential client is a good fit for your firm. Smokeball lead management software for law firms removes the guesswork by:

  • Revealing which tactics convert more potential clients to inform your ads and marketing team

  • Showing which prospective clients and case types offer the most value

  • Helping you stay on top of lead communication, providing a superior experience

  • Quickly identify qualified and unqualified leads

  • Avoid conflicts of interest and estimate the value of your work

  • Build workflows and assign to-dos for a smooth client intake process

  • Transition contact information to a client matter with ease and maintain accuracy

Create a great first impression with lead management

Smokeball’s client intake software saves time on paperwork and gives prospects a great client experience.

  • All the details you need, all in one place

    Your lead relationship starts here. Add contacts and parties just as you would for an existing client. Now you can automatically schedule events, create tasks or next steps, and automate letters and documents.

  • Clearly differentiate from active clients

    While Smokeball client intake software helps you treat prospects like clients, they haven’t signed with your firm — yet! Our lead management software clearly separates your leads from existing clients to guide communication and avoid confusion.

  • Pair your prospects with a member of your firm

    Lead management requires a human touch. Assign each step of the nurture process to team members using Smokeball Legal Tasks + Workflows. Following up with prospects is automatically added to their to-do list.

See how it works
See how it works

Stay on top of your prospect pipeline

Track your new business with our legal lead management software and focus on the prospects that best fit your practice.

  • Use historical data to market to your ideal clients

    Turn your wins into more wins with Smokeball Firm Insights. View your won and lost client data in comprehensive reports to see which lead generation channels are working and which client types are most likely to close.

  • Build pro-grade marketing efforts

    Connect with clients directly in their inboxes. Smokeball’s email marketing integrations help you generate business with client newsletters, email campaigns and notifications, branded to your firm.

Easily convert leads into client matters

Breeze through your intake process and get down to business with your new clients.

  • Move lead into a client matter with a few clicks

    It’s time for your prospect to become a client! Thanks to Smokeball client intake software, there’s no need to re-enter case details to make the switch. Just select the correct area of law and with a couple of quick steps, you’re ready to go.

  • Avoid conflicts of interest

    Stop conflicts before they start. Smokeball’s conflict check reporting compares your existing client database against a prospect’s case details to ensure you’re in the clear. Save the report to your related lead or matter for future reference.

  • Estimate the value of your work

    Smokeball’s automatic time tracking software captures every hour your firm bills. Our Law Firm Insights crunch those numbers into profitability reports by client type or matter type. So when a potential client finds your firm, you can easily project how much you’ll charge.

Easily convert leads into client matters

How Smokeball’s Legal Client Intake Process Works

Smokeball legal intake software turns leads into clients with ease, whether or not you used our lead management software for nurture.

See how it works

Lead Management and Client intake process with LeadPro

  • Create a custom lead form for your website

  • Easily contact and manage automatically updated lead lists

  • Use the dashboard to track new leads, contacted leads, and leads to follow up in real time

  • Choose the area of law that matches your client

  • Create and customize client intake forms or save time using one of our automated forms

  • Share Intake Forms via the client portal or email

  • Convert their file to a matter with a few quick clicks! Because Smokeball client intake software separates your leads from your clients, there’s no need to worry about confusion

Creating new client matters without a lead

  • As you configure your firm’s Smokeball client intake software, set up matter type templates that match your most common client types

  • Add matter type templates to your favorites list for easy access

  • When it’s time to onboard a new client, select the right matter type

  • Enter the client’s details

  • You’re ready to go!

See how it works
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We can communicate with our client giving them what they called for without delay. We have had other firms ask what we use as they were impressed with our detailed fast response.

Dean D., Legal Assistant – Capterra


Why Choose Smokeball Lead Management Software for Your Law Firm?

We're the best in the market.

Smokeball sits atop G2’s rankings of the best practice management software on the market. Firms like yours love our attorney intake software and award-winning client support.

Smokeball legal calendaring software

Capture all your work automatically

No matter how you bill, Smokeball’s lead management software helps you make more money. Law firms using Smokeball’s automatic time tracking see an average 34% profitability boost!

Billing features that work for your firm

Automatically create professional invoices based on your activity within each matter. Smokeball lead management software also integrates with LawPay credit card processing so you get paid faster.

Our platform works where you do

Our lead management software is installed locally on your computer and backed up by cloud-based storage. Complete casework, invoice clients and collect payments from anywhere.

You’re supported by our dedicated team of experts

More than 50% of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, your team benefits from our personalized support.

Explore More Features to Boost Your Practice!

Smokeball Reviews

Legal billing software

Automated, streamlined accounting tools help you securely bill and collect, faster than ever before.

Automated legal form library

Smokeball comes preloaded with more than 20,000 automated legal forms across all areas of law.

Legal case management

Ditch the paper files and Run Your Best Firm. Everything you enter in Smokeball is saved to the related matter.

Legal document automation

Click, click, done. Boost your accuracy by automatically pulling matter details directly into the correct form with our advanced Microsoft Word integration.

Ready to Boost Your Law Practice With Client Intake Software?

  • Automatic time tracking lets you bill more accurately with a fraction of the effort.

  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook

  • Our prebuilt library of 20,000+ legal forms

  • Identify business opportunities through powerful insights and reporting

  • Build a healthier, more profitable business every time you use our case management software.

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