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Personal Injury Software to Improve Client Communication

Your personal injury law firm clients are at a difficult, vulnerable point in their lives, and you’ll do whatever it takes to support their road to recovery. Let Smokeball, the industry’s best personal injury case management software, track all medical bills, negotiations and documents so you can focus on best serving your clients.

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Personal Injury Law Software
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Personal Injury Law Firm Software That Lets You Stay Focused On Winning Cases

Smokeball personal injury software takes care of personal injury lawyers' manual tasks, including tracking medical bills and records, negotiations and documents. Use your time to focus on building excellent client relationships and winning cases.

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A partner that keeps pace with your personal injury law firm

One phone call at a personal injury law firm can change everything, pivoting your day from coffee and emails to hopping in the car to see a potential new client.

Personal injury law firms that can respond to a client’s request, create retainer agreements in a flash and be present immediately after an incident set themselves apart from their competition.

Smokeball collects personal injury case information from your first conversation. Our onboarding team customizes the Smokeball personal injury software platform to fit how you work, delivering custom fields and automated documents, including templates for letters and interrogatories.

Dashboards and reports to drive your personal injury law firm forward

You can’t afford to miss a statute of limitations deadline or a document request status update. Smokeball’s personal injury software lets you set up notifications for approaching statute of limitation dates to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Learn from past cases with Smokeball’s Negotiations Report, which combines data from past cases to show you average settlement amounts. (The future you will thank you.)

See how it works
Keep your practice in your pocket

Stay connected with Communicate

Smokeball’s secure Communicate client portal and text messaging capabilities make communicating with clients seamless and private. Request documents, signatures, and more while saving every conversation to the related matter.

Communicate also helps you facilitate internal conversations that used to happen around the office coffee machine. Message team members about a case or transfer tasks quickly— from anywhere, on any device.

Your Personal Injury Law Firm Will Benefit From Extensive Integration Options

Smokeball is the most robust personal injury law firm software on the market. Plus, we selectively partner and integrate with firms offering billing and finance, communication, lead management and other solutions to streamline your personal injury practice further and increase your team’s productivity.

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The advanced PI case set up is fantastic. The system has been designed from the beginning to help lawyers; with the input of lawyers.

Matthew L., Attorney – G2


Why Choose Smokeball’s Personal Injury Case Management Software?

Why Choose Smokeball Legal Software for Your Law Firm?

Law firms like yours love our attorney billing software and award-winning client support, which ensures that your law practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Smokeball legal calendaring software

Capture all of your work automatically

No matter how you bill, Smokeball’s attorney billing software helps your personal injury law firm make more money. Personal injury law firms that use Smokeball’s automatic time tracking see an average 34% profitability boost!

Billing features that work for your personal injury law firm

Automatically create professional invoices based on your activity within each matter. Smokeball billing software for personal injury also integrates with LawPay credit card processing, helping you get paid faster.

Our platform works where you do

Our personal injury law firm billing software is installed locally on your computer and backed up by cloud-based storage. Complete casework, invoice clients and collect payments from anywhere.

You’re supported by our dedicated team of experts

More than 50% of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, your team benefits from our personalized support for personal injury lawyers.

Explore All Features for Personal Injury Law Firms

Smokeball Reviews

Automatic lawyer time tracking

With Smokeball, capture every billable minute spent to fund and grow your personal injury law practice.

Legal document automation & management

Automatically populate and organize legal forms to streamline your document creation for your cases.

Legal billing software

Streamlined accounting tools help you securely bill clients and collect payments, faster than ever before.

Legal calendaring

Keep your entire personal injury law office on-time and on top of your court docket — automatically.

Client intake

Streamline your prospect pipeline and grow your personal injury law firm.

Drive Your Personal Injury Law Firm Forward Today!

  • Automatic time tracking lets you bill more accurately with a fraction of the effort

  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook

  • Our prebuilt library of 20,000+ legal forms

  • Identify business opportunities through powerful insights and reporting

  • Build a healthier, more profitable business every time you use our personal injury case management software

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FAQ about Personal Injury Software

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What is personal injury case management software?

Personal injury software combines law firm practice management software with features specifically designed to support your personal injury practice. Access the forms you need, organize your caseloads, communicate with clients and track your work — all from one centralized software. Personal injury case management software helps your firm become more productive and profitable, while also reducing your attorney and staff workloads.

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How much does Smokeball personal injury case management software cost?

Smokeball personal injury case management software starts at $29 per user, per month. Choose the Smokeball that’s right for your law firm’s needs and goals. When you upgrade to Smokeball Grow or Smokeball Prosper, you gain access to our document and email automation, Microsoft Office integrations, automatic time and activity tracking and more.