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Increase Billable Hours Without Working More

Rebecca Spiegel

Written by

Rebecca Spiegel


January 13, 2023

lawyer sleeping on a stack of legal documents, holding a clock

Revenue and profit are top of mind for every firm, and with the current economic recession, finding a way to increase your billable hours is pressing–even necessary. 

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Did you know you’re probably only billing for 2.6 hours, just one-third of each workday? A 2022 legal industry trend report revealed this as the average billable hour for law firm fee earners. This statistic begs the question, “What’s happening the other two-thirds of the day?” 

So, it’s no surprise that legal staff spends much of the day’s hourly balance on billable work that they (through no fault of their own) do not accurately capture and bill. Without the right legal time management software, this lost time is just lost revenue! Additionally, much of a day’s work involves repetitive tasks such as document creation and form completion. 

What if you could capture those unaccounted billable hours and replace the time spent on non-paying tasks with revenue-creating work? 

Recapture Lost Billable Time with Legal Billing Software

Whether you are manually tracking time or turning timers on and off throughout the day without the proper law practice management software, you’re missing snippets of work. It may seem like tiny bits of work, but over an entire day, the sum is significant. Minutes add to hours. For example, an email here, a quick call there, an adjustment to a document, and a discussion about a case are all tasks that require legal expertise. You should be able to reflect this work in a client account or matter. 

Smokeball’s legal time management software automatically captures every second of billable work done in your firm. Our cloud-based system integrates with Word, Outlook, and our incredibly extensive legal forms library. Smokeball automatically captures and allocates work you do to the appropriate matter and applies it to the invoice in our legal billing software.

Top Eight Benefits of Automatically Tracking Time: View the Infographic >>

With auto-time, there are no timers to turn on and off. Instead, your team never needs to consider what client they should be billing because it automatically saves to the correct matter.  Autotime, on average, captures four more hours of billable work per day per fee earner, ensuring accurate compensation for your time. 

Moreover, Smokeball is cloud-based and has a mobile app for when you’re on the go. Whether you’re working remotely or in the courtroom, you’re no longer not tied to your desktop. You and your team can work from anywhere and have your case information easily accessible, with every billable minute instantly recorded. 

Law Practice Management Software That Reduces Non-Billable Hours 

While getting results for clients is fulfilling and energizing, the truth is that much of the work of a law firm is non-billable administrative work. Just the work involved in collating invoices alone is a tremendous time investment.  

However, Smokeball legal time management software not only tabulates and categorizes billable time but also creates automatic invoices and handles automatic invoice creation and bulk billing.  Furthermore, easy online payment through LawPay reduces the need to follow up on unpaid invoices and increases your on-time accounts. 

Learn more about Smokeball integrations >>

Our legal document automation seamlessly auto-populates your documents with needed case information, allowing you to focus on obtaining client results instead of transcribing details over and over. 

Now you can stay organized with every case, every detail, every form, and every update at your fingertips. With our legal case management software, you’ll never waste time searching for a misnamed file or calling staff to get access to something on their desktop. You’ll easily be able to locate the latest documents for a case. Smokeball saves hours of lost time by keeping everything organized and accessible. 

Additionally, staff management is a critical aspect of running a law firm. As such, you likely spend a lot of time syncing with your team to ensure cases are on track. Instead of frequent status meetings, you can receive a daily digest from Smokeball detailing each client’s current status and every matter. Smokeball’s legal tasks and workflow software automates complex workflow and institutes standardized processes that ensure cases stay on track without you constantly having to follow up. 

Smokeball frees your team to focus on managing current clients, executing data-driven marketing, and managing leads. For example, the time you previously spent on invoicing, file searches, painstakingly filling forms, and handling administrative tasks is suddenly available for finding and landing new business. Plus,  your existing clients receive the attention they need. 

Curious about how to derive actionable insights from your firm’s data that allow you to market and grow effectively?

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Legal Practice Management Software that Brings More Revenue

Smokeball legal billing software actually brings in more revenue to your law firm by enabling you to bill more. When your invoices accurately reflect your work, you won’t have to work more. When you pair legal time management software with automation, integrations, and smart billing, it’s a recipe for a thriving law firm.

On average, Smokeball’s law practice management software allows firms to bill at least two more hours daily. This increase creates an additional $137,000 of revenue per fee earner annually.  

You didn’t go to law school and survive the bar exam to spend your days executing tedious tasks. Legal technology working for you now covers filling out forms, adding billable hours, and chasing staff for updates. Smokeballs puts the lawyers back into practicing law, representing clients. Then, you’ll magnetically bring in new business due to those successes. 

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