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Why Lawyers Choose Smokeball

Thousands of attorneys use Smokeball legal practice management software to modernize their law firm. Here’s what sets Smokeball apart from the competition.

See how it works

1. Time flies when you don’t have to track it

Clocking in and out is...well, out. The average fee-earner only captures 2.5 billable hours per day through manual time-tracking. That all changes with Smokeball. We offer the only legal practice management software that automatically records every minute you’re working.

Whether you’re reading and responding to emails or drafting documents and communicating with clients, we’ll track your time and tie it to the related client matter.

Even if your firm bills by contingency or flat fee, Smokeball’s legal time tracking software offers valuable insights like how much time you’re spending on each case, and whether you’re charging enough for your work.

No more time sheets, scattered Post-Its on your desk, or wasted hours pulling together invoices. The best part? You’ll double your billable hours without working more. Time really is on your side.

2. Put money in your pocket faster

Check, please! Smokeball’s legal billing software turns your tracked time into professional invoices that you can send to clients automatically.

Our integration with LawPay lets you bill clients the way they prefer, including payment plans and credit card processing. That means your clients get a more complete breakdown of your work and what they owe, and you spend more time earning money and less time chasing after it. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Plus, our legal forms library is preloaded with 20,000+ common legal forms and documents—even the ones that are specific to your area of law or local jurisdiction. And we’re always adding new ones, saving you time and creating error-free documents in seconds. (No library card needed.)

See how it works
See how it works

3. Stop wasting time on copy-pasting

With Smokeball, your most-used documents populate themselves — literally. Smokeball’s legal document automation software, powered by the industry’s best Microsoft Word integration on the market, saves your firm hours of typing and re-typing. No more manual errors or accidentally including old case details

4. Find out how your firm is really performing

Is your firm working hard or hardly working? Now, you can answer that question in one click. Smokeball’s Law Firm Insights make you a smarter business owner, with dashboards that show which client types drive the highest ROI, where your staff spends the most time, and more. Take the guesswork out of understanding your law firm—and grow your practice.

Why Lawyers Choose Smokeball
Why Lawyers Choose Smokeball

5. Our lawyers are here for your lawyers

Technology is worthless if your firm doesn’t know how to use it. And at Smokeball, great software is developed and supported by great people. More than 30% of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal professionals, and our team of experts has more than 20 years of legal tech experience. So whatever problems you’re looking to solve, we’ve more than likely been through it ourselves (and have a solution just for you).

From day 1 to day 1,000 and beyond, we’re here as your partners to Run Your Best Firm. Our dedicated Account Management team provides step-by-step onboarding, unlimited software support, regular business reviews and training on new features.

6. We integrate nicely with others

Smokeball’s industry-leading Microsoft Word and Office integrations give you the power to truly streamline your law practice. Automatic document creation translates (yes, automatically) emails into case notes and increases your team’s productivity with the tools you already know and love— without disrupting your daily workflow.

Why Lawyers Choose Smokeball
Why Lawyers Choose Smokeball

7. Work wherever, whenever

In an era of hybrid and remote law offices, tools that don’t work where you are just don’t work. Smokeball combines local software with cloud-based storage to give you bank-grade secure access to your data. Whether you’re managing matters on the go from our lawyer mobile app or you’re stuck in a courtroom with a bad internet connection, Smokeball is available online or offline so that you’ll always have the matter, case details and documents you need.

8. Loved by lawyers just like you

Your colleagues have spoken. Smokeball ranks #1 in G2’s rankings of the best practice management software on the market. Experience exactly what other lawyers, administrators, paralegals, and firm owners are saying about Smokeball’s features, service and results. Schedule a customized demo today and join the thousands of happy law firms who are more productive and profitable than ever!

Why Lawyers Choose Smokeball