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Intelligent Legal Reporting Software Delivers Powerful Learnings

Discover which of your cases and clients are most profitable. Smokeball’s legal case analysis software directly integrates with automatic time tracking data to put the power and insights of your firm’s legal metrics in your hands.

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Actionable Law Firm Insights

Smokeball legal intake software turns leads into clients with ease, whether or not you used our lead management software for nurture

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Employ your firm’s legal metrics to make data-driven decisions

As your staff performs its daily activities in Smokeball’s legal case management software, our platform captures a huge amount of actionable data. Smokeball’s Reporting and Law Firm Insights quantify the details of your day, giving you valuable direction and insights to run a more profitable firm.

  • Build smarter, fully informed strategies

    Quickly identify your most lucrative practice areas and matters to focus your firm’s activity and business development efforts. Smokeball’s Law Firm Insights use real-time data to inform smarter decision-making, showing your most recent firm activity at a glance. Configure our Firm Insight Reporting and Dashboards to your specific practice area and firm, so you get the data you need for sound decisions.

  • Improve your firm’s financial health and remain compliant

    Financial-focused Firm Insight Reports, including trust statements and income allocation reports, keep you well informed about all your firm’s accounting efforts. Quickly identify red flags, monitor work in progress and rest comfortably knowing your finances are compliant.

  • Establish and exceed company goals

    Smokeball’s Firm Insights and Reports help you track progress and profitability against firm-wide deadlines and goals. And for an added level of protection, Smokeball’s Firm Insights are only available to admin-level users. Break down your Firm Insights by:

    • Individual matter profitability

    • Court and settlement date

    • Matter type profitability

    • Profitability by fee earner/staff

    • Billing status

    • Matter stage

    • And more

Work smarter and increase your firm’s profitability

With a sound understanding of which cases and client types provide the most value, you can confidently focus your firm’s energy and efforts. Smokeball’s Dashboard Reporting puts a digestible view of your law firm at your fingertips. It’s a quick way to measure the health of your business without spending unnecessary time manipulating your data. Explore the Dashboard Reports you’ll find in Smokeball’s legal reporting software:

  • New Business Insights

    What it shows: Use this report to analyze firm trends. You can quickly understand what matters have been opened in the past week, month and year, broken down by matter type, referral source and responsible attorney.

    Why it’s valuable: This report can help you understand where to spend money on advertising, marketing, hiring, and business development.

  • New Matter Insights + Lead Insights

    What it shows: Use these reports to analyze each lead source, including referrals and matters opened within various time frames.

    Why it’s valuable: New Matter Insights + Lead Insights helps you understand which people or referral resources bring clients through your door.

  • Fee Insights

    What it shows: Use this report to understand your fees created over time, broken down by fee type, top clients and top matter types.

    Why it’s valuable: Fee insights help you follow up with delinquent clients, adjust your fees and spot areas of growth.

  • Smokeball Activity Insights

    What it shows: Use this report to see whether your firm uses Smokeball to its full potential. Review the number of matters created, files stored, documents automated and other Smokeball actions in a week.

    Why it’s valuable: Your usage report benchmarks your usage compared to similar firms. It’s also a great way to see whether you’re ready to activate a new area of automation or if certain firm members could use more focused Smokeball training.

  • Hourly Billing Performance Insights

    What it shows: Use this report to review your firm’s average daily billing performance. You can also filter this data by fee-earner.

    Why it’s valuable: Understand what work you’re billing daily and the number of lost billable hours. You can also see if a fee earner bills what seems too many hours on a particular task. They may need some coaching and guidance.

  • Custom Reporting

    What it shows: Whatever you like!

    Why it’s valuable: While almost every report you need is readily available in Smokeball, you may have created or used custom reports in the past. If the required data already exists in Smokeball, our team can build you a custom report.

See how it works
See how it works

Unlock your team’s potential

There’s not always time to reflect when your law firm is constantly on the move. Smokeball legal reporting software gives you powerful tools to easily manage your team’s productivity and become more effective.

  • Work remotely without missing a beat

    Side-by-side work isn’t always possible, or best. Smokeball’s matter reporting shows your whole team who’s doing what, when, and on which case. Keep on top of your deadlines with area-of-law-specific reporting that shows every upcoming court date and settlement date; statues of limitations; and matters with no activity in a certain time period.

  • Understand where your firm’s time goes

    Without desk-side check-ins, how can you be sure everyone’s on-task? Smokeball Law Firm Insights use automatic time tracking to break down per-earner activity. Gain better visibility into your most productive employees — and those who need support.

  • Plan and prioritize your firm’s cases more effectively

    Put the right people on the right cases, and easily identify any risks or blockages with Law Firm Insights.

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I have been practicing for over 50 years and have also trained in financial matters (MBA & CPA), which has given me a very deep understanding why this system is better than all the prior systems.

Arnold G., Attorney – G2


Why Choose Smokeball Legal Reporting Software for Your Law Firm?

Why Choose Smokeball Legal Software for Your Law Firm?

Law firms like yours love our attorney billing software and award-winning client support, which ensures that your law practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Smokeball legal calendaring software

Capture all your work automatically

No matter how you bill, Smokeball’s legal reporting software helps you make more money. Law firms using Smokeball’s automatic time tracking see an average 34% profitability boost!

Billing features that work for your firm

Create professional invoices based on your activity within each matter. Smokeball legal reporting software also integrates with LawPay credit card processing so you get paid faster.

Our platform works where you do

Our legal reporting software is installed locally on your computer and backed up by cloud-based storage. Complete casework, invoice clients and collect payments from anywhere.

You’re supported by our dedicated team of experts

More than 50% of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, your team benefits from our personalized support.

Explore More Features to Boost Your Practice!

Smokeball Reviews

Automatic lawyer time tracking

Capture the real value of your time by automatically tracking every billable minute working in Smokeball.

Legal billing software

Streamlined accounting tools help you securely bill clients and collect payments, faster than ever before.

Legal case management

Run your entire firm, all in one place. Smokeball organizes every detail and document of every matter, automatically.

Legal document automation & management

Automatically populate and organize legal forms to streamline your document creation for your cases.

FAQ about Law Firm Reporting Software

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What is legal reporting software?

Legal reporting software tells the story of your law firm through data. It breaks down your billed time by matter type, matter, fee-earner and other metrics to show where your firm spends the most time, which matter types are most profitable and more. This information allows you to adjust the way you handle cases, pursue your most successful client types, make smart investments in marketing, and hire where it counts.

Smokeball’s legal reporting software is different because it pulls data directly from your automatic time tracking. Our legal reporting is the most accurate in the industry because it captures every minute you spend practicing law instead of relying on flawed manual timekeeping.

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Why is legal reporting software crucial for lawyers?

Smokeball’s legal reporting software helps you work ON your business, instead of just working IN it. Legal reporting software shows you a clear path to your goals with tools like Law Firm Insights, which keeps you focused on the clients and practice areas that work best for your firm, instead of guessing.

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What KPIs does Smokeball’s law firm reporting software track?

Smokeball law firm reporting software breaks down your data, your way, giving you ultimate visibility into your productivity and profitability. Some of our most popular KPIs include:

  • Individual matter profitability

  • Matter type profitability

  • Profitability by fee earner/staff

  • Realization rate

  • Fee insights

  • Mix of buy and sell matters (for real estate firms)

  • Hourly billing performance

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How much does Smokeball’s legal case analysis software cost?

Smokeball legal case analysis software starts at $149 per user, per month. Smokeball Prosper, our end-to-end tool for strategic success, gives you access to the full suite of Smokeball features, including document and email automation, Microsoft Office integrations, automatic time and activity tracking and more.

See the Smokeball Difference

  • Automatic time tracking lets you bill more accurately with a fraction of the effort.

  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook

  • Our prebuilt library of 20,000+ legal forms

  • Identify business opportunities through powerful insights and reporting

  • Build a healthier, more profitable business every time you use our case management software.

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