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Stay in Sync with Legal Calendaring Software

Smokeball’s legal calendaring software keeps your entire law office on time and on top of your court docket — automatically.

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Remain on the Same Page with Calendaring Software for Law Firms

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Manage your legal calendaring, docketing and case management with one solution

From frazzled to fully organized, Smokeball’s legal calendaring software places your entire team’s schedule in one place, visible to anyone on your team.

  • Complete transparency into your entire firm

    Move beyond planners and paper calendars to see what’s on everyone’s itinerary. Now, firm owners know what their staff is up to, and paralegals can see when their attorney is free for scheduling. Narrow your view down to your own calendar or layer in other team members’ schedules.

  • Events tied to the related client matter

    Shifting court dates can cause serious consequences if the right people aren’t informed. Smokeball’s calendar is linked to the related client matter, ensuring your team’s calendars always coincide.

Never forget client meetings, miss court deadlines or arrive late

Stay on top of your professional game and remain compliant with help from Smokeball’s powerful LawToolBox integration.

  • An up-to-date calendar that goes everywhere you do

    With Smokeball’s legal calendaring software, your schedule is available beyond your desktop. Keep on top of your day with Smokeball’s mobile app on your tablet, iPhone and Android phone. Events and meetings automatically update across all devices.

  • Automatically calculate your deadlines

    Take the heavy lifting out of your firm’s scheduling. Smokeball’s LawToolBox integration sets all your case deadlines based on a key date of your choosing, then adds deadlines to your team’s calendar. Now that you’re not manually calculating dates, you can spend time focusing on your clients.

  • Built-in court rules keep you on top of your docket

    Visiting various court websites to make sure you’re on top of the rules eats up valuable time in your day. Smokeball’s LawToolBox integration builds these details into your process — and automatically ensures rule compliance. Just open the relevant Smokeball matter, click on the Court Rules button, select the relevant information and sync deadlines to your calendars.

Keep your practice in your pocket
See how it works

Industry-leading Microsoft Outlook integration

Smokeball and Outlook work hand in hand to keep your firm running in perfect harmony.

  • Two-way communication keeps your calendars in sync

    When you create an event in your Smokeball calendar, it shows up in Outlook — and vice-versa. Your entire firm gains instant visibility into meetings, court appointments and workloads. Set appointments, assign critical dates to matters and easily search for calendar.

  • Sync your contact info for quick communication

    Details from your Smokeball legal calendaring software and Microsoft Outlook are tied to the related Smokeball matter. With a few clicks, access your client information, communicate deadlines and share documents. Choose either Smokeball or Outlook as your primary calendar — whatever you prefer!

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I have peace of mind knowing everything is calendared and the reminders will pop up for all my to dos. Best software move I ever made.

Mark S., Attorney – G2


Why Choose Smokeball Legal Calendaring Software for Your Law Firm?

Why Choose Smokeball Legal Software for Your Law Firm?

Law firms like yours love our attorney billing software and award-winning client support, which ensures that your law practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Smokeball legal calendaring software

Capture all your work automatically

No matter how you bill, Smokeball’s legal calendaring software helps you make more money. Law firms using Smokeball’s automatic time tracking feature see an average 34% profitability boost!

Billing features that work for your firm

Create professional invoices based on your activity within each matter. Smokeball legal calendaring software also integrates with LawPay credit card processing so you get paid faster.

Our platform works where you do

Our legal calendaring software is installed locally on your computer and backed up by cloud-based storage. Complete casework, invoice clients and collect payments from anywhere.

You’re supported by our dedicated team of experts

More than 50% of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, your team benefits from our personalized support.

Explore More Features to Boost Your Practice!

Smokeball Reviews

Automatic lawyer time tracking

Capture the real value of your time by automatically tracking every billable minute working in Smokeball law practice management software.

Legal billing software

Streamlined accounting tools help your law firm securely bill clients and collect payments, faster than ever before.

Law firm insights

See your most profitable clients and cases – then use that info to your competitive advantage — in our law practice management software.

Legal document automation & management

Automatically populate and organize legal forms to streamline your document creation for your law firm’s cases.

FAQ about Legal Calendar Software

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What is legal calendaring software?

Smokeball’s legal calendar software unifies your firm’s calendar across every matter and team member. With Smokeball, you gain complete visibility without worrying about overlapping meetings or missed deadlines.

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What is legal docketing software?

Legal docketing software is a tool built specifically for your law firm to track deadlines, schedules, calendars and stay on top of your matters. Smokeball integrates with LawToolBox to calculate your case deadlines automatically, building court rules into your matter timeline for ultimate compliance.

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How much does Smokeball legal calendaring software cost?

Smokeball legal document automation software starts at $99 per user, per month. When you upgrade to Smokeball Prosper, our end-to-end tool for strategic success, you gain access to the full suite of Smokeball features, including workflow templates and checklists, email marketing integration, automatic time and activity tracking, and more.

Ready to Boost Your Law Practice?

  • Automatic time tracking lets you bill more accurately with a fraction of the effort.

  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook

  • Our prebuilt library of 20,000+ legal forms

  • Identify business opportunities through powerful insights and reporting

  • Build a healthier, more profitable business every time you use our case management software.

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