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Practice Management Software for Small Law Firms to Increase Productivity by 30 - 40%

Everything In One Place

Smokeball’s Legal Practice Management Software creates a digital file for every matter, enabling your small law firm to work more efficiently than ever before and liberating you from the paper file.

The digital file contains every email received and sent by everyone on your team, together with every document, contact, and task relating to the matter. Furthermore, Smokeball’s cloud-based technology allows you to access your digital files anytime and anywhere.

Smokeball Smokeball Smokeball Smokeball

Over 12,000 Automated Legal Forms

Imagine how much time you have spent searching for forms on county websites, or filling out forms with the same client and case information over and over again.

While most legal case management software will help you manage your work, Smokeball’s automated form library will also allow you to dramatically increase your team’s productivity.

From the day you start using Smokeball, you will have a fully automated library of legal forms ready for you to use. The forms are automated so all of your client and matter-related information automatically merges into every single form – saving you serious time while reducing errors.

If there’s a form you need that’s not in Smokeball’s library, we guarantee a turnaround of 10 business days. All forms are kept up-to-date by our in-house legal team. Your firm also has full access to automate your own forms and letters into Smokeball.

Automated Legal Formsxx Automated Legal Forms

Customized For Your Area Of Law

There are over 365 customized Matter Types to work for your area of law in your jurisdiction. Whether you’re working in Personal Injury and need to keep track of claim numbers and medical expenses, or in Family Law and need to keep track of marriage dates and important people in the case, Smokeball’s legal case management software is tailored to your practice area.

And Many More

Plus, Everything You Need To Get Your Work Done

Smokeball is packed with all the features you could possibly need to manage your practice more efficiently. From simple things like automatically converting your email attachments to PDFs, to powerful workflows to make sure you never miss a deadline, Smokeball’s law practice management software makes it easier than ever to organize and increase the efficiency of file handling.

Email and document management

Email & Document Management

Your team needs to see every email relating to a matter, regardless of who sent or received it. Smokeball’s email management feature in it’s legal practice management software makes this possible as it’s automatic to manage your emails for you. Smokeball’s document management stores all document versions with it’s cloud-based technology, and with it’s powerful full-text search function, you’ll always find what you need.

Tasks and Workflows

Tasks & Workflow

Keeping track of multiple tasks and assigning them to other team members is easy in Smokeball’s law practice management software. Create your own sophisticated workflows to ensure every document is filed on time and deadlines are never missed.




Have access to all your matters at all times with our beautiful iOS and Android App. Open and forward any document, call any contact, or assign a task to a team member whether you’re in Court or on a beach in Florida.

Shared Calendars

Shared Calendars

In Smokeball’s case management software, you can easily create and share calendars enabling you to see all court appearances on a given day, or all real estate closings. Your events will sync to Outlook and are always accessible in Smokeball whether you’re working on your desktop or on your mobile device.

And now the magic bit

The End Of Time Recording

It’s simple. Smokeball records your time for you so you don’t have to do it ever again. Smokeball automatically tracks every email sent and received by your entire team, every event, task and phone message with the duration of time you’ve spent on each activity. It specifically tracks how long you have worked in a particular document related to the matter you’re working on. Smokeball captures this information and creates your time sheet for any particular day or week, for each staff member.

Small law firms will truly realize the value of their time. Don’t underestimate the work you do for their clients because time recording is cumbersome and tedious.

Smokeball shows you how much time you, and your team, are spending on every matter so you can bill with confidence.

It’s magic and you will love it

But don’t take our word for it.

The Case Management Software That Has It All

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