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Increase Your Profitability.
Practice Management Software For Small Law Firms.

Smokeball is the first and only complete cloud-based legal practice management software to automatically record your time and activity for you, so you can focus on what you do best - practice law.

Regardless of whether you bill hourly, fixed, or on contingency, Smokeball will give your small law firm the insights you need to build a profitable law firm.

“Smokeball has increased my firm’s profitability by over 30%.”
-Joshua Boehm, Partner

Everything in One Place

Every email received and sent by everyone in your small law firm is in one place along with every document, contact, and task relating to the matter. Smokeball’s cloud-based and local installation abilities allows you to access your matters anytime, anywhere, including when you go offline.


There are over 365 Matter Types in Smokeball's Practice Management Software customized for your area of law including your jurisdiction. Whether you’re a Personal Injury attorney and need to keep track of claim numbers and medical expenses, or practice Family Law and need to keep track of marriage dates and important people in a case, Smokeball is tailored specifically to your practice area.


Smokeball is packed with all the features you could possibly need to manage your practice more efficiently. From simple things like automatically converting your email attachments to PDFs, to powerful time tracking capabilities to create an instant timesheet. Create workflows with detailed tasks, manage meetings and have access to all communication.

Over 12,000
Automated Legal Forms

Imagine how much time you have spent searching for forms on county websites, or filling out forms with the same client and case information over and over again. With Smokeball’s automated form library you'll be able to save time and have documents filled in seconds with your client and case information.

Why Smokeball?

Our team is dedicated to making this transition as easy as possible. Smokeball's client success team will walk you through setting up your account and provide detailed training sessions specifically for your law firm. You'll even receive 10 free automated templates specifically made for your law firm.

You have instant access to pull up your client's file and give them the attention they need. Respond to your clients and get paid quicker. Smokeball gives you peace of mind, important insights on your law firm, and ongoing support to help manage and save more time.
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Everything You Need
To Get Your Work Done

Your team needs access to every email relating to a matter, regardless of who sent or received it. Smokeball’s email management and legal practice management software automatically manages your emails for you. Many Smokeball clients love the software because of the integration with Outlook. Email Management for Law Firms has never been easier. Stay on top of your client's files even if you weren't involved with the original email exchange.
Automatic time tracking in Smokeball helps attorneys track 30% more time than was possible before. Smokeball automatically tracks your time spent on every single activity in the software. Run a time sheet report at anytime to find out how much time you spent the previous day on emails, documents, tasks, and calendars related to the matter and more.
Smokeball integrates with Boost Billing allowing you to easily create invoices to get paid faster. Create manual entries and notes for your invoices easily.
Smokeball’s document management saves every version with its cloud-based technology. Smokeball also has a powerful full-text search function, so you’ll always find what you need. Every document draft saved will automatically be placed in the matter, always ready for you to access at any given time.
Have access to all your matters at any given time with our beautiful iOS and Android App. Open and forward any document, call any contact, or assign a task to a team member whether you’re in Court or on a beach in Florida.
In Smokeball’s legal practice and case management software you can easily create and share calendars. Calendars allow you to see all court appearances on any given day, or even all your real estate closings. Your events will sync to Outlook and will always be accessible in Smokeball whether you’re working on your desktop or on your mobile device.
You'll be able to keep track of multiple tasks and assign them to other team members in Smokeball’s law practice management software. Create your own sophisticated workflows to ensure every document is filed on time and deadlines are never missed.
17 Mil
“We have not only been able to take on more clients, but have also seen profits skyrocket after just a few months of using Smokeball."
Michael Rapp
"Stellar software, now that I’m using it I don’t know where I’d be without it!"
James Ian Bernicky

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