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The Only Legal Practice Management Software That Automatically Records Your Time and Activity

We are the cloud-based legal productivity solution that no small law firm should live without. Explore your practice area below to learn how Smokeball will help you:

  • Bill more
  • Get organized
  • Track deadlines
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Get more clients
  • Work in the cloud

Explore Your Practice Area

Family Law

Smokeball ensures family lawyers get the most out of every minute spent helping clients.

Family Law

See Smokeball in action for Family Law firms.

Personal Injury

Smokeball provides the efficiency you need and your clients deserve.

Personal Injury

See Smokeball in action for Personal Injury firms.

General Practice

Smokeball is for all types of small firms dealing with all types of matters.

General Practice

See Smokeball in action for General Practice firms.

Legal Practice Management Software for Small Law Firms

The Best Law Firm Features, Unmatched

Stop thinking about including everything you do in your time record manually. Smokeball automatically records and reports on every minute you spend in Smokeball, Word, and Outlook. Other systems simply cannot provide this level of specificity on your most valuable commodity- time. Accurate automatic time and activity tracking allows you to gain clients’ trust and make sure you can back up everything you do for them.

Cases and matters require innumerable documents. Smokeball law practice management software cuts hundreds of hours a year out of your firm’s workflow by automating public and firm-specific documents with ease. Smokeball houses a library of over 14,000 public documents, and Smokeball will assist in automating your firm’s own proprietary documents. Stop re-typing information, and let your template documents work for you. Automate and share the documents that work for your whole team so that quality of a document is consistent no matter who prepares it. Plus, enjoy the security and peace of mind with unlimited cloud backup storage.

Smokeball helps you every step of the way because new law practice management technology at a small firm can be scary. Smokeball tailors training based on your firm’s dynamics, practice, and personality. Smokeball believes that learning technology should never impact pricing, so that’s why Smokeball gives you a person to talk to for free every step of the way. Whether a solo or several users, your firm will have all the help it needs to be successful with every Smokeball feature. Other products simply do not provide award-winning support to every member of a firm for as long as they need it. You whole team is well taken care of with Smokeball as your law practice manager.

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