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Legal Workflow Software for Law Firms

When your entire team is informed and on the same page with workflow automation, your firm becomes more efficient and reduces errors. Regardless of the area of law, manage all your tasks, reminders and documents with Smokeball's preconfigured and customizable workflows.

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Easy Workflow Automation for Your Law Firm

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Stay informed and on-time with legal workflow management software

Legal workflow management software enables legal teams to collaborate from start to finish with full transparency regarding where a task or matter stands. Assign Tasks to yourself or other staff members associated with each matter and include documents and emails related to the task.

Set reminders and next steps for each task, so you know that every matter is in good hands. Whether you're creating tasks around Statutes of Limitations, or reminders to renew Power of Attorney one year after completion, Smokeball's legal workflow management software brings team collaboration, accountability and organization to the next level.

  • Easily assign tasks with workflow automation

    You can assign tasks to your staff to delegate work. This will help you understand their schedules and workloads. By seeing what tasks and dependencies they have, you can gain insight into their workload. The Smokeball software displays your upcoming tasks and workflow status on the home screen. This feature provides you with a clear overview of your firm's progress.

  • Law firm task reminders in workflow automation

    The days of lying awake at 3 am, stressing that you forgot something, are in the past. Smokeball’s legal workflow management software makes it simple for legal teams to stay on top of tasks and critical dates so you can rest easy at night. Set up simple or powerful multi-step workflows in Smokeball legal case management software, like scheduling reminders for litigation to draft, redline and review before a court filing date.

    Even view reminders on the go in our iOS and Android attorney app.

Team collaboration and personal organization with workflow automation

With Smokeball’s legal workflow automation software, sets of tasks are available to apply across your practice so you can standardize intake, filings, closings, and more processes. Attach documents to tasks, set reminders and create task dependencies so that the next steps automatically appear when prescriptive tasks are complete.

With Smokeball, your to-do list is well-organized as it shows you a daily snapshot of tasks due that day.

  • Daily digest updates

    Do you have one place to see every task for the day? Are you constantly searching through notebooks, post-its, files, and emails to compile your daily to-dos?With Smokeball legal workflow management software, you’ll receive an email of upcoming tasks and events due that day.

    Or, you can view this Daily Digest from your Smokeball home screen on your desktop or the Smokeball Mobile App. So, as you head into the office or log into Smokeball at work, you’ll feel confident in having a clear picture of a what needs to happen for a productive, successful day.

See how it works
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I have peace of mind knowing everything is calendared and the reminders will pop up for all my to dos. Best software move I ever made.

Mark S., Attorney – G2


Why Choose Smokeball Legal Workflow Software for Your Law Firm?

Why Choose Smokeball Legal Software for Your Law Firm?

Law firms like yours love our attorney billing software and award-winning client support, which ensures that your law practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Smokeball legal calendaring software

Increase productivity when you’re on time and accurate

With workflow automation paired with other powerful features like document automation, your work is more accurate than ever. Mapping out standard processes at your firm ad setting due dates with reminders ensures that nothing falls through the cracks as your team juggles multiple matters.

Never forget a future or dependent task

 You can now set it and forget it because when due dates come around that are weeks, months or even years away, you’ll be alerted to get the task done.

Gain full transparency into your team’s productivity

If a workflow is blocked, you know exactly who is responsible for completing the dependency. Or, you can see a bird’s eye view of how your various workflows and matters are progressing.

Stay organized with a Daily Digest, wherever you are

From desktop to email summary to Smokeball’s mobile app, get an at-a-glance view of what you need to get done on any given day to ensure you stay productive.

Explore More Features to Boost Your Practice!

Smokeball Reviews

Legal billing software

Alongside Smokeball’s automatic time tracking for lawyers, our billing tools help you bill more— and faster–without working extra hours.

Automated legal time tracking software

With Smokeball, capture every billable minute your team spends working, so invoicing and billing become a quick and easy task, and data insights into your firm’s productivity become crystal clear.

Legal case management

Smokeball puts everything you need in one place so you can enjoy a more productive and profitable law firm. From case files and client communication to email management and 20,000+ pre-configured legal forms, Smokeball automatically tracks activity for data-driven insights and streamlined work. 

Legal document automation

Automatically populate and organize legal forms and document templates and attach them to tasks to further streamline your automated workflows.

FAQ about Legal Workflow Software

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 What is legal workflow automation?

Legal workflow automation allows firms to automate routine, repeatable tasks in their standard processes. When law firms leverage automation for legal task management, their staff's time is free for other high impact work.

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What are examples of legal workflow automation?

Legal workflow automation and Smokeball’s preconfigured workflow automation templates can be leveraged across areas of law and case stages. From client onboarding to automated reminders to renew Power of Attorney next year, you can standardize and scale your legal team’s processes to ensure quality.

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How do I start with legal workflow automation?

Start by mapping out the necessary steps your team must take to complete any set of work, from client intake through the end of a case. Then, easily onboard into Smokeball’s legal workflow management software, leveraging our preconfigured templates or customizing them to fit your needs. Get started with these Smokeball workflow resources for your area of law.

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How much does legal workflow management software cost?

While you can start by leveraging legal billing workflows for just $29 per user per month, the full benefit of Smokeball’s automated workflows starts with our Grow package. See details here.

Ready to Boost Your Law Practice?

  • Increase productivity with the best legal workflow automation software that ensures effective team collaboration.

  • Never miss a deadline, regardless of how far in the future a follow-up task may be!

  • Gain full transparency into your team’s productivity whether you seek a bird's eye view of how your firm is running or you want to see who is working on what on any given day.

  • From Smokeball's desktop Daily Digest to an email summary to Smokeball’s mobile app, get an at-a-glance view of what you need to get done every day.

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