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Murphy Legal

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Area of Law
PI & Insurance Defense
Firm Size
16 employees
College Station, TX
A 16-person, multi-office firm works like they’re all in the same office thanks to Smokeball.

Murphy Legal is a paperless, multi-office law firm with attorneys located across the country. Chief Operating Officer and Lead Paralegal Kristie Giesenschlag was instrumental in developing the firm’s ability to work efficiently and remotely—and she did it with Smokeball.  

Bound by paper

As Murphy Legal grew, previous paper-based processes didn’t provide the efficiency staff needed to manage more client matters. Additionally, several key team members sought the ability to work remotely, accelerating the need for a paperless firm with legal software at its core.

One-stop paperless shop

After exhaustive research, Kristie chose Smokeball because it’s a one-stop paperless shop that offered staff visibility into everyone’s work no matter their location. In addition to providing a single source of truth, Smokeball’s document automation allows staff to generate accurate, consistent documents pre-filled using client information in Smokeball. Motions to compel that previously took three hours now take less than half the time. AutoTime captures staff’s billable time, creating a meticulous record that’s eliminated drawn-out billing disputes. Reviewing the 16-person firm’s billables used to require a full week. Now it takes just two days a month to spot check. Attorneys use the Smokeball app to record their time and expenses during accident scene investigations. And with Smokeball’s client portal, they can send real-time notes and photos to their paralegals so nothing is forgotten by the time they return to their desks.

Coordinated, confident and caring

Thanks to Smokeball, Murphy Legal retained its staff, and remote and in-office colleagues collaborate seamlessly. With complete visibility and access, the team is more
 efficient, productive and accurate than ever before. That means more time to focus on client and staff well-being.

Murphy Legal
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Smokeball has been a complete game changer. We went from everything being on paper to having attorneys all over the United States. Everyone has access to everything and each other. It’s like we’re all in the same office.

Kristie Giesenschlag, COO & Lead Paralegal, Murphy Legal


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