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4 Publicity Tips for Law Firms

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


December 28, 2017


Getting publicity as a law firm is an important long-term strategy for building your reputation and making your firm the first choice for clients. But if you want to build a strong long-term publicity campaign there are a few things you need to know.

Experts Get Coverage

Journalists are looking for the facts, and that’s why experts get attention. When journalist cover a story about a certain topic, they need to reach out to someone who has accurate information so that they can make sure they get their story straight. If you can build a reputation as an expert in your practice area, you will have journalists eager to speak to you about your knowledge. Here are a few ways you can become an expert.

  • Start and consistently maintain a law blog. This is where your expert status will shine. Show off your in-depth knowledge about the law and make it searchable so that others can find you.
  • Speak at conferences and events. Set aside time to speak at law-related conferences and serve on panels. You should also speak at events and conferences for any industries you serve.
  • Conduct informational workshops. Whether you’re serving individuals or companies, consider creating workshops that can serve to educate the public about the law.

Once you establish yourself as an expert, you’ll have an advantage over lesser-known law firms and attorneys.

Press Relationships Matter

While websites, blogs, and social media are powerful tools, building one-on-one relationships with journalists is also a powerful tactic. Attend local events for journalists and let them know about the newsworthy things your law firm is doing.  Connect with the journalists who cover the topics related to your practice area and be sure to send them valuable news tips even when it’s not related to your law firm.

Create a PR Schedule

You should always distribute news about your law firm throughout the year so that something is consistently going out about what you’re doing.  At least once a quarter you should create a press release talking about what you’re law firm has done that’s newsworthy. Post your quarterly press release on your website and distribute it to news outlets—local newspapers, local blogs, relevant websites etc. This will eventually create a “breadcrumb” effect online where news items about your law firm can be easily found. It may also entice some journalists to reach out to you for a more in-depth story.

Keep a Positive Slant

Even if you’re angry about something that has gone wrong in the industry, your PR isn’t the place to express your negative feelings. All your publicity material should keep a positive focus on your law firm. Talk about the things you’re doing in a way that affirms your commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Law firms with solid, long-term publicity strategies will build a strong reputation which will positively impact their cash flow.

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