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4 SEO Tips for Small Law Firms

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


January 30, 2019

As a small law firm, your web presence is an important consideration to drive new clients. People learn about your law firm through word of mouth, social media, advertising and of course SEO. What is SEO? And why should you care about it if you’re in a small law firm? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search results are based on web pages that have quality content related to the keyword or keyword phrase someone is searching for.

Whether you’re just starting your own small law firm or you’ve established your firm for several years, you should ensure your website is getting noticed for the right search result. SEO should be an important part of your strategy. 78% of small law firms find it challenging when acquiring new clients. Most of your potential clients will do their research and find you online, so you want to be sure your website presence delivers exactly what the client is searching for.

With the internet, you often find yourself going to a search engine such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search tools. As a small law firm, your potential new client will do the same thing when they perform a search to help them with their question seeking for the best answer or solution.

Everyone researches multiple keywords and phrases everyday. 3.5 Million keyword searches are made daily on Google. This is a great opportunity for writing quality content for your readers who maybe searching for your services.

Need a website? We offer Smokeball Clients a free legal website included with their subscription to Smokeball. This includes SEO help from our in-house experts.

Here are 4 SEO Tips for Small Law Firms:

  1. Do Your Research

  • Search that keyword and see what pops up and try to dissect why that webpage showed up for that specific keyword, these are your competitors!
  • Use the related keywords from the results of your actual keyword search to help write your content. This is called semantic searching, Google provides related keywords to help other similar searchers find the best result.

Tools for Keyword Research:



Answer the Public

LSI Graph

  1. Create Quality Content Per Landing Page

    • When you create a page on your website, you want to ensure you’re delivering the best content related to the purpose of the landing page. You want to make sure you reader is reading the content on the page.
    • Review your website by analyzing the bounce rate of your page, average time spent on the page and where they are coming from to see if your content is resonating with the reader.
  1. Include More Than Just Your Words

    • It has been found that including images or videos helps break up the content on your pages. It allows the readers to engage a little further into your web page.
    • Most important, what is the goal of your landing page? What’s the call to action?
  2. Sharing is Caring!

    • Share your content on your own channels
    • Allow the visitor a way to share the content on the page

Understanding what SEO may be daunting but if you slowly work alongside with it, you can easily empower your small law firm online. SEO isn’t just the name of your firm, it’s the value that your small law firm’s website can deliver to a researcher.

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