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5 Tech Tools That Prevent Legal Mistakes

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


April 3, 2020

Paper trails and filing cabinets make it easy for small law firms to lose important records. With client matters and reputations on the line, this is unacceptable. Luckily, using smart tech tools helps attorneys stay on top of every case, every client and every detail. Paralegals and office managers will never struggle to find the right legal document again, or fill anything out incorrectly if they have the right information at their fingertips all the time. Cloud technology and digital filing systems are the answer. Don’t face another day of work at your small law firm without them.

Are you using technology to its fullest advantage? Here are five tech tools that can prevent legal mistakes:

Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent place to create collaborative documents together with your small law firm. You can see live updates, make comments and share them with anyone quickly. If your firm uses Gmail, all the better, because integration makes it easy to share important spreadsheets, presentations and documents right in the body of an email. You can keep documents private or share them with specific people.

Quality Email Clients

Even if your company uses Gmail, consider getting everyone on board with a quality email client to manage their inbox and outbox. Better email management tools mean fewer tabs open in your browser, and more importantly, better organization. Labels, folders and tags should be used to keep every piece of client communication right where you need it.

Project Management Software

Is your small law firm using project management software? Tools like Asana, Basecamp and Engage, which is specifically for law firms, make it easy to manage each of your firm’s projects from start to finish. Stay on track by keeping an eye on billable hours, budgeting and progress with the help of intuitive programs like these.


Smokeball is a comprehensive solution for document management, creations and client communications–all employing cloud technology so that your attorneys and paralegals can work anytime, anywhere. If you’d like help creating documents for clients, and linking every email to client accounts automatically, Smokeball integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook, and keeps every piece of client contact information on file. Document creation only takes a couple of clicks, because we do the work for you by automating every step in the process. We even offer court document templates for you to use at a moment’s notice. If this sounds helpful to your small law firm, schedule a demo here.


Freshbooks is a smart way to manage finances for your small law firm. Track time, profitability and spending with their user-friendly and beautifully designed software. Generate reports of any kind quickly and easily, and use every tool to keep your firm ahead of the game.

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