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The Best Apps for Lawyers

Noel Peel

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Noel Peel


November 2, 2021

The Best Apps for Lawyers_Blog

Law as a profession is notoriously behind the technology curve. That began rapidly changing in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed this traditionally in-office work into home offices.

With remote work came the need for new technology tools. At the same time, modern clients expect an experience that’s more similar to the modern consumer technology of their daily lives. Smokeball has rounded up some of the best apps for empowering your teams, supporting clients and remaining ahead of the legal tech curve.


Smokeball Integrations


Few legal tasks are more mindlessly time-consuming than printing documents and mailing them out for signatures — a process that can take days or weeks. Docusign allows legal professionals to send documents via email and obtain signatures in minutes. Create a document in Smokeball using our library of 18,000+ automated forms, insert DocuSign signature clauses and email it your recipient. Add radio buttons, check boxes, text boxes and even supplemental documents for a more robust client experience.


Stop wondering about the status of court documents, and eliminate barriers to important information. InfoTrack gives you instant access to PACER searches, along with the ability to conduct searches across all Federal and Bankruptcy courts, some state courts and trial and appeal boards. InfoTrack also includes unique services for electronic signatures and document filing, including:

  • Sign IT Electronic Signatures
  • 1099S Filings
  • The ability to directly incorporate your company in all 50 states in minutes.

InfoTrack provides Illinois Smokeball users with easy legal e-File software access within any matter. Select your matter documents and save court-stamped documents automatically to each matter. All fees are automatically recorded in your matter to help you easily track costs.

Microsoft Office

While numerous competitors have come onto the market since Microsoft Office debuted in 1990, the software giant’s Word, PowerPoint and Outlook still dominate the legal market. They’re also deeply integrated into Smokeball:

  • Word: Access more than 18,000 public legal forms in 250+ practice areas to seamlessly create your important documents and generate legal document in minutes. No need to retype client or matter information: You can assemble and automate you documents easily and directly from the matter.
  • Outlook: Unclutter your inbox by automatically associating every email received and sent with the corresponding matter.
  • PowerPoint: Build presentations from a large library of templates, and record your building time in the corresponding matter.


Get paid faster by allowing clients to pay their bills online. LawPay allows your firm to accept credit cards, offer payment plans and ethically manage trust and operating accounts. Plus, LawPay is available through all 50 state bars, 60+ local and speciality bars, and the American Bar Association, as a vetted and recommended legal payment solution.

Quickbooks Online

Access your law firm’s financials at any time, and handle all of your law firm’s accounting needs in one billing ecosystem.


Instantly hold video and voice chats with your clients and colleagues, no matter where in the world they’re located. Smokeball’s Zoom integration allows users to add meeting links to their Smokeball events, start their meetings directly from Smokeball, accurately track their time spent in Zoom meetings and save video meetings (where applicable).


Other apps:

Screen Time

Monitor your device usage, block certain websites and even schedule app block-out times during certain hours. Smart attorneys understand that technology as a form of distraction can drain their energy and ruin their productivity. Managing your screen time helps you avoid overdosing on social media, games and other online distractions.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

A no-cost solution for accessing all PDF documents, no matter how or where they were created. If you regularly receive PDF files via email or read them over the internet, downloading a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader will make accessing those files easier

Using the right technology tools, your law firm can save time, earn more money, and focus on the most important things in your business. If you want to get the most out of the powerful software available to lawyers today, take look at your needs and figure which applications can help you reach your business and productivity goals.

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