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How Form Libraries Can Make Your Small Law Firm More Effective and Efficient

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


March 1, 2018

Whether you practice real estate law, bankruptcy law or anything in between, forms are your lifeline. Although they are critical to your work, forms can take hours to get right, and if you’re like most attorneys and paralegals, that’s time you simply don’t have.

That’s why Smokeball gives small firms the tools to build a custom form library. In fact, we’ll help you during the Smokeball onboarding process to turn all your most used documents and forms into templates. During onboarding, your Client Success Manager will help your team set up your firm’s personalized form library with the forms specific to your state, practice area and client needs. From that point on, these forms will be easy to automate with matter-specific information time and time again.

Here’s how your small law firm or solo practice can benefit from Smokeball’s form library:

Preloaded documents for recurring needs

From basic engagement letters to thousands of location-specific forms, we make it much faster for you to generate your paperwork. Even if you need a form we don’t have, it’s easy to upload your own forms to the library.

Our form suites cover a variety of practice areas. In Smokeball’s form library, you’ll find:

  • Court forms for all major Illinois counties (more states in the works!)
  • Real estate forms including title insurers’ forms and closing statements
  • Bankruptcy forms
  • Workers compensation forms
  • Personal injury forms
  • Basic wills and trusts forms
  • And much more

Self-populating templates

In Smokeball, once you have input client and matter information, your template forms populate themselves for each matter. That’s right – you don’t have to fill in the template forms by hand, because Smokeball provides full document automation.

The form library you build up over the years is one of the most important pieces of intellectual capital at your law firm. After all, forms are the very thing that allow your work to move forward. Smokeball makes it easy for you to organize your templates and automate them, removing the risk of leaving old information in your forms and saving you loads of time and energy.

Consistency across your firm

With Smokeball, it’s easy to set up forms on your firm’s letterhead, and since the whole team is working from the same form library, your documents will always be consistent. Better yet, all of your forms are stored in the cloud, so it’s easy to access and work with forms even when you’re away from the office.

Smokeball’s form library is a powerful feature that will set your firm on the path to success and efficiency. If you want to learn more about document automation or want more information about form libraries email us here.

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