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How to Grow Your Small Law Firm with Direct Mail Marketing

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


December 28, 2017

There is no denying the fact that email marketing and networking on social media are two of the most popular ways to reach potential clients. But it’s also true that direct marketing is still a powerful tool for law firms. According to some studies, 51% of customers prefer that companies contact them through a combination of mail and email when communicating with them and 74% always or sometimes notice direct mail marketing when they receive it. So how do law firms get a slice of the direct mail marketing pie?

Cultivate A List

Your direct mail marketing campaign is only as good as your list.  You can create a good mailing list using a combination of the following tactics:

Public information. Depending on your practice area, you may be able to source a list from public records such as recent tax liens or bankruptcy filings. Just be aware of the ethics rules in your area.

Email list. Ask clients and potential clients on your email distribution list if they would like to receive information at their mailing address. You can sweeten the pot by offering them free information through the mail such as a book.

Direct ask. On your website and social media accounts, have an easy way for followers to share their mailing address. You can offer a physical newsletter or a book to encourage people to accept physical mailings from your law firm.

Design The Envelope

If you want an effective direct marketing campaign, you must pay attention to the information you put on the outside of the envelope. Even though more people pay attention to direct mail than many email marketing campaigns, it’s important that your envelop has information on the outside that makes the recipient want to open it. Don’t make it too busy just make sure that no matter how simple or complex the envelop design it achieves the goal of convincing the recipient to look inside.

Good Sales Copy

Once you get the recipient to open your direct mail marketing letter, the copy must sell your law firm.  Ask yourself, what is the purpose of sending this letter? Do you want the recipient to call your office and ask for an appointment? Do you want them to visit your website?  Make sure that your sales copy is written in a way that it convinces the recipient that it’s in their best interest to answer your call to action.

Remain Consistent

Direct mail marketing campaigns aren’t one-shot deals. If you want to be effective in your direct mail marketing campaign, you must send out a series of mailers.  The more mailers a recipient receives, the more likely they are to answer your call to action, visit your website or call for an appointment. According to a 2015 study, direct mail marketing campaigns have a response rate between 3.5% and 5%, which is impressive compared to the response rate of less than 1% for digital channels (i.e. email, social media, and mobile).


Direct mail marketing has a very huge ROI, delivering on average an ROI of 15 – 17 percent. But the biggest challenge is the upfront cost. While digital channels such as email and social media have very little upfront cost, direct mail marketing can be significantly expensive. However, since fewer companies use direct marketing, there’s less of a chance your law firm’s materials will get lost in the noise.

Diversify the ways you reach out to new clients, make direct mail marketing a part of your strategy.

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