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Smokeball and Settify are Making Life Easier for Family Law Professionals

Dana Moran

Written by

Dana Moran


October 27, 2022

Smokeball and Settify are Making Life Easier for Family Law Professionals

As a family law professional, it’s your job to guide clients through the most stressful moments in their lives, eliminating stress and headaches wherever possible. That’s why Smokeball is proud to announce our partnership with Settify, an award-winning client intake system. 

Meet Settify 

Settify is a lead conversion platform that streamlines the way you welcome new clients to your family law firm. When a potential client reaches out, Settify’s AI-driven technology starts an interactive conversation with them. The system collects important information about their needs and creates a tailored, easy-to-read brief for your review.  

That means you can spend your first meeting building rapport, addressing concerns and discussing legal strategy—shining a spotlight on people, not paperwork.  

The end result? Your clients are empowered and confident in your abilities after your first meeting. And for you, Settify is proven to increase client conversions; improve accuracy and efficiency; and substantially reduce time spent on data entry. 

Settify and Smokeball are better together 

Settify and Smokeball are the perfect pair to drive your family law firm into the future. Here’s how: 

  • Win more business. Turn your website into a lead generation machine. A customized button invites clients to start a conversation with Settify the minute they hit your homepage.  
  • Educate clients earlier. Settify’s intelligent AI offers personalized and relevant information to your family law clients immediately. They’ll gain a basic understanding of your legal process before they ever walk through your doors.  
  • Record data automatically. Our integration with Settify means your Smokeball client matters will be populated automatically, with the data Settify collects during client conversations.  
  • Focus on relationship-building. Because you’ll already know a lot about your client before your first meeting, you can spend your time together answering questions, offering legal strategy recommendations, and assuring your client that they’re in good hands.  

How does Settify data appear in Smokeball?  

When a prospective family law client talks to Settify, the information they share is synced to Smokeball and a new client matter is created. Their contact information and any details they share will populate automatically, so you’ll have everything you need in one place as you start working together.  

Got questions? Smokeball is here to help!.  

If you’re already a Smokeball user and need help with our Settify integration, please review our help article or email us at 

If you’re not yet a Smokeball client, get started by booking a demo or email us at 

Get a hands-on look at Smokeball’s
Settify integration. 

Senior Trainer Sara Sultan dives into Smokeball’s Settify tools for family law firms,
including sending an intake form and seamlessly creating a Smokeball matter.

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