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Noel Peel

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Noel Peel


August 26, 2019

We have been hard at work adding some fantastic new features to improve the experience of our Smokeball users. Here are some highlights of the new functionality we released in the last month, that we are excited to tell you about!

Event History

You can now see the history of any changes made to an event on your Smokeball Calendar! Simply right click on the event, click history, and you’ll see when it was created, who made any changes, and where the changes came from.

Calculating PDFs

Smokeball’s Content Team is now able to add automated PDFs that contain calculating functionality into the Form Library. You no longer need to add up totals in documents by hand. We can improve the PDF forms to do the math for you! If you have any often-used forms that you would like for us to enhance, please send them to

Invoice Templates

To make creating and editing your invoices a breeze, we have added the ability to create multiple invoice templates. You can apply these templates in the matter settings in billing as well as on the draft editing screen to quickly update the invoice settings in bulk.

Search Improvements

When searching in Smokeball Billing, you’ll now get results when you search by first name, or for closed and pending matters when there are outstanding balances associated with those matters.

Time & Fee Edit Panel

Whether you are using Auto:Time, Time Finder, or manually entering your time or fees, a side panel has been added to the Time & Fees tab in both the desktop and billing apps making reviewing and editing Time and Expense entries easier than ever.


e-Filing in Texas and New York

Did you know that you can eFile directly from Smokeball into TX and NY state courts? Upload your Word doc directly to InfoTrack, have your court stamped document saved automatically to your matter, and any fees are recorded in expense automatically.

To see more information on any of the features above, visit our Support Center.

As always, the recent releases also include many small improvements and bug fixes. We have some really big improvements coming soon too, so look out for next month’s New Features email.

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