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Smokeball Legal Case Management Software Releases Group Chat and File Sharing Feature to their Cloud Software

Patrick Davis

Written by

Patrick Davis


April 2, 2020

Release ensures that law firms affected by COVID-19 can continue working remotely without disruption

Smokeball—a legal practice management software featuring case management, document automation, and billing capabilities—has added a messaging and file sharing feature that will ensure law firms affected by the coronavirus will be able to communicate internally and externally with colleagues and clients.

Smokeball’s hybrid cloud software allows lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants to work remotely off- and online; by utilizing Communicate, they will be able to save conversations and files directly to relevant matters with no extra clicks.

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“There are many messaging applications available to law firms,” said Smokeball Founder and CEO Hunter Steele, “but the problem is that these applications take them away from their matter information – creating gaps in communication. Smokeball Communicate is built directly inside of your cases, allowing a full, searchable history of every conversation about every matter. This activity is recorded and timed against the matter for use in billing.”

Attorney and client communication on an iPhone via Smokeball's Communicate app.

Smokeball is adding to what users can do remotely: onboarding, training, and support are included as part of the platform. With Communicate, users can now chat with colleagues at the next desk or in the next town.

Steele added, “We pushed for an early release of Communicate due to the majority of our clients being forced to work remotely. Already over 40% of our users have started using Communicate with colleagues and clients within the first two weeks of release.”

The feature allows law firms to remain in touch with clients through a free downloadable mobile app. The Communicate app functions like a traditional client portal but allows clients and lawyers to message one another and share files without size limitations.

The Communicate feature is included as part of all Smokeball licenses. Training and webinars are available for users working remotely for the first time.

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