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Why Smokeball’s Personal Injury Matter Type Wins Every Time

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


November 10, 2022

Smokeball personal injury matter type

As Smokeball law practice management software stakes our claim as the best law firm software for personal injury attorneys, we continue to innovate in the personal injury space. Our personal injury matter types are built for your firm’s specific needs. Here, we explore five great features of our “Personal Injury — Plaintiff” matter type.

1. All critical information, visible on a single screen

Smokeball carefully studies the work habits and needs of our personal injury clients. With that knowledge, we’ve developed a more streamlined matter screen for each personal injury file. Now, you can see all of the most important information you need in one view. From the matter screen, firms can see:

  1. the Statute of Limitations date
  2. The claim number
  3. Adjuster name
  4. Adjuster phone number
  5. Your out-of-pocket for expenses thus far in the case
  6. And more!

Putting all of this information on one screen eliminates the need to click and dig through sub-screens.

2. Medical & settlement details culminate in an automated settlement statement

Smokeball rules the roost when it comes to personal injury legal software because our software helps you lose the spreadsheets!  Smokeball puts all important case financial tracking into one place, making Excel a thing of the past.

The new matter type streamlines medical provider, document request, and invoice tracking in one place. From there, we’ll calculate an automated settlement statement for you. But don’t worry — your firm will still have lots of oversight, with drop-down menus that allow for adjustments based on various factors (like in the image below).  The end result: no more manual work (or human error) in your settlement statement creation process.

Smokeball Medical and Settlement details

Personal injury medical and settlement details

3. Lien & balance tracking (no more spreadsheets)!

The name of the game is detail tracking, and Smokeball ensures all your key case details are in one place.  The third reason that Smokeball’s personal injury matter type is crucial is that all liens and balances are tracked in one place! Ditch the spreadsheets once and for all with Smokeball’s transparent liens and balances tracking screen.

4. Advanced reports show where your cases stand

Generate detailed reports based on Smokeball matter details to see exactly where a case stands. These impressive reports cover:

  1. Documents requested (medical records, etc.)
  2. Medical provider summaries
  3. Medical provider outstanding amounts
  4. Medical provider invoice line items
  5. Lienholder summaries
  6. Lienholder and balances without liens.

With these pre-built reports, your firm again eliminates the risk of human error that comes with manual spreadsheet tracking.

5. Easily track settlement negotiations

Open the memos portion of a matter and review previous negotiations and prep for additional ones in an instant. All entries are timestamped and dated to show which staff member had the discussion. And search the memo screen for key words and other pertinent information. Never miss a beat during negotiations with Smokeball’s memos feature from within the personal injury matter.

Personal injury settlement negotiations

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