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Four Ways to Wow Your Clients with Smokeball

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


January 24, 2018

Keeping your clients happy is one of the top priorities of your small law firm. Here at Smokeball, we totally get that, and we’re here to help! Our Cloud-based productivity software will make your firm more efficient, which in turn will serve your clients well and keep them smiling.

Here are four ways Smokeball will be sure to wow your clients:

Smokeball provides organized correspondence

Organization is key in keeping your firm running smoothly. In the chaos of a busy day it’s easy to get lost in emails or spend a lot of your time searching for a specific document, but fortunately Smokeball keeps all matters in one organized place. The software organizes your important information for each and every matter into a digital system, filing every document, email sent, email received, file note and calendar entry.

Smokeball will keep your entire staff knowledgeable

Have you ever returned to the office with urgent client phone calls needing information? In using Smokeball, your entire staff is able to see all the matters your firm is working on, allowing them to answer those calls and questions. The access to information for all employees gives clients the support and care they need without having to wait for your return to the office.

Smokeball provides constant access to all matters

Speaking of being away from your office, Smokeball is Cloud-based which means that you can access matter information regardless of  where you are working from. Whether you are meeting clients at their office or working from home, you will have no problem pulling matter information and details in minutes. This provides your clients with the best service possible so that if anything urgent comes up, you are able to respond quickly and efficiently.

Smokeball helps you keep your clients in the loop.

Ultimately, Smokeball will help you keep clients informed and up to date on all things related to their case. Rather than spending time digging through paper documents, you can easily produce and send documents to your client all through Smokeball. Your client will be happy and feel valued with your quick responses. Also, Smokeball can help you send out holiday cards, which is a big plus when looking for a way to thank your clients.


If you still need convincing, feel free to contact us to schedule a Smokeball demo. We’d be happy to show you how you can wow your clients with the software each and every day.

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