Smokeball Activity Intelligence (Smokeball Ai) For Understanding Firm Productivity

The first comprehensive activity tracking and reporting tool for small law firms

Do you find yourself at the end of each day, week, or month trying to remember what you accomplished?

It’s almost impossible, even for the most organized among us, to remember every case file prep, litigation hearing, meeting, phone call, deposition, email, and task in the course of business.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if your calendar, tasks, Word documents, and email correspondence talked to your practice management system to automatically track every event, draft, email, task, and phone call? For every staff member in your firm?

Smokeball Ai is a first-of-its-kind activity intelligence tool that helps you manage and understand your firm’s productivity at a price you can afford. It talks to your calendar, Word documents, and email to automatically track your work, for every staff member in your law firm.

Smokeball Ai employs a variety of features to follow your team’s collective and individual progress, including emails sent or received and documents worked on a given day. View time, effort, and activities for a particular matter, staff member, or your entire firm with but a click. Never spend another Saturday morning trying to account for the week that was.

Smokeball Ai accurately measures margins, compares associates’ work patterns, and clearly defines value to a client when they question legal fees – each scenario putting you one step closer to building the law firm of your dreams.

Why Choose Smokeball Ai

Smokeball automatically manages your emails, document versions, tasks, and events. We are uniquely placed to deliver this tool in a way that requires no extra work or tracking on your firm’s behalf.

Profitable small law firms recognize the importance of knowing how much time is spent on each file. Whether you’re a transactional firm or tied to the billable hour, it’s now easy to report on your work at the drop of a hat.

By combining the tools you use most – word processing and email with practice management tools like calendars, phone call notes, and tasks – Smokeball’s software can give you a complete report of every activity down to the minute, making accounting for your day a breeze.

How does Smokeball Ai differ from other activity reporting tools?

Smokeball Ai only captures what’s relevant to a case or file. You won’t waste time tracking time or sifting through time reports that, frankly, you don’t have time for!

By marrying the tools that rule your day, you can finally tame the chaos of traditional time recording and simplify the process altogether. Let us keep track of your activities for you, or manually enter activities and events into your timeline. Whatever the situation, you’ll feel confident Smokeball Ai will keep track of your day’s every detail.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball to see how we help small law firms like yours dramatically increase productivity, organization, and collaboration.