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John Zachara

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Area of Law
Real Estate
Firm Size
2 staff
Chicago, IL
After signing with Smokeball, John Zachara's practice experienced one of its best years to date—and dramatically improved client response time.

John and Debbie Zachara explain how Smokeball has made their work easier and faster compared to their old system. Smokeball's cloud-based storage allows attorney John to save everything and access it easily from his laptop. As Office Manager, Debbie no longer searches through physical files but can quickly find the required documents in Smokeball. John used to rely on finding similar prior documents and manually changing the names, which sometimes led to embarrassing mistakes as the attorney. This happens automatically now with Smokeball's document automation.

Today, clients expect a prompt response, and will turn to another lawyer if they don't receive it. Fortunately, Smokeball makes that easy whether it's handling client intake or responding to requests for settlement statements to assist with their taxes.

This efficiency has been noticed by long-term clients. Zachara Law has increased its capacity to handle more matters and financial growth.

John Zachara
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Smokeball's impact is invaluable.

John Zachara


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