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Reagan, Melton & Delaney, L.L.P.

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Area of Law
Family Law
Firm Size
La Vista, NE
A family law firm uses Smokeball for truly seamless document automation, document management, and email management.

The Reagan, Melton & Delaney team used numerous tools to manage their busy law firm, thinking that they’d never find an all in one solution… until they stumbled upon Smokeball. Over the years, the business has grown to focus on Family Law and a variety of other practice areas. Each type of case presented unique organizational challenges and multiple streams of ongoing communication with clients. As the firm continued to grow they found themselves manually filing emails and versioning documents. Collaborating within the team became increasingly difficult.

Steve Delaney and his partners wanted two things from a practice management tool: a comprehensive system that could integrate fully into their law firm, and customer support that would be present for them before, during, and after implementation. After attending multiple demonstrations and testing free trials of other practice management systems, they found each program to be overwhelming and only found a few features they needed. Then, Delaney found Smokeball.

The Right Fit

Delaney turned to the Nebraska State Bar list serve to ask for software recommendations. After a current user suggested Smokeball, Steve and his partners scheduled a demo. What sold the firm was the ease of Smokeball’s document management, a universal database search, one click PDF creation, and a seamless integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook. To Steve and his partners, Smokeball is the long-term solution that fully integrates into their practice and allows them to continue to practice law just like they have, just more efficiently.

Impressive Support

Smokeball’s support and training impressed the attorneys at Reagan, Melton & Delaney. With a large team to onboard and years of documents to transfer over, Steve and his partners had some reservations about how difficult it would be to get everyone up and running with Smokeball. 178,000 documents and a few training sessions later, the staff at Reagan, Melton & Delaney were up and running with Smokeball. Their major transition was made possible with the assistance of the Smokeball onboarding team. From attending one-on-one sessions to group training classes, the Smokeball onboarding team worked with the Reagan, Melton & Delaney staff to transform their old documents into new Word-based templates. Smokeball walked the entire team through technical product questions, and made sure the entire staff was comfortable with Smokeball.

The Entire Package

Documents that previously took over an hour to create can now be generated within 15 minutes or less with Smokeball. The paralegals at Reagan, Melton & Delaney also found that Smokeball saved them time and effort with document creation. “At least once a week a paralegal comes in the office and said she did something much quicker due to Smokeball,” Delaney says. From family law to personal injury cases, the entire firm is able to work on a variety of different cases with case files custom-built for each specific area of law. Smokeball simplified the collaboration process between attorneys and paralegals, making it easier for everyone to always stay in the loop with every case.

Reagan, Melton & Delaney, L.L.P.
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I don’t know if I have ever worked with a friendlier or more congenial staff with training and customer support. Day or night, Smokeball is always there – answering our emails or taking phone calls.

Steven Delaney, Reagan, Melton & Delaney, L .L.P.


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