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Tharp & Associates

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Area of Law
Real Estate
Firm Size
Chicago, IL
With help from Smokeball, a real estate attorney runs his firm flawlessly, without additional employees.

After choosing to start his own real estate law practice, Brian Tharp of Tharp & Associates, Ltd. began searching for a way to run his firm efficiently, without hiring more employees. With help from Smokeball, Brian was able to shorten response time for clients, prepare documents faster and run real estate closings flawlessly. Today, Brian has the freedom to manage his firm the way he wants, all while bringing in new clients and growing his business.

Like many Real Estate attorneys, Brian’s work is document and email centric. Some days, he would spend hours preparing paperwork and responding to client emails, which left him with little time to connect with new clients and grow his business. By having Smokeball automate his documents, and manage all emails sent and received, he was able to significantly reduce non-billable administrative time.

Above all else, Smokeball has given Tharp & Associates the power to seamlessly run his real estate closings without any issues. Brian is now able to prepare for and finish closings more efficiently allowing him to spend less time managing his documents and more time focusing on his clients.

Unlike other case management software, Smokeball’s Document Automation Library allows each law firm to automate court and real estate forms specific to their jurisdiction. These forms enabled Tharp & Associates to automate most of their paper processes and eliminated the need to prepare letters and other documents from scratch for each client. Brian generates documents with client-specific information in a fraction of the time he used to spend.

Not only has Smokeball made the document creation process easier for Tharp & Associates, but it’s also helped Brian cut down on the time he spends on email. He leverages Smokeball’s integration with Microsoft Outlook to send, save and file every correspondence. Every time Brian corresponds with a client via email, the message thread is automatically stored in the Smokeball digital file, making it easy for Brian to organize, search and respond to all his clients’ quickly.

Tharp & Associates
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When I go to closings with real estate attorneys who are using Smokeball, I know they’re the attorneys that are on top of their game.

Brian Tharp, Attorney, Tharp & Associates


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