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Chicago, IL

When small law firm attorneys Juliet Boyd and Scott Kummer first began searching for a better way to manage their small law firm, they were both hesitant about trying new software. But after learning how Smokeball seamlessly integrates with programs they already use on a daily basis and saves them countless hours on their regular tasks, they decided to give it a try.

About Boyd & Kummer

Boyd & Kummer, LLC, is a boutique litigation firm that practices in the following areas: commercial litigation, criminal law, real estate litigation, mortgage fraud/bank fraud defense, DCFS defense, personal injury, civil rights, and general litigation.

Unsatisfied with their case management system’s functionality, Boyd & Kummer turned to Smokeball to improve how they managed their practice.
Initially attracted by Smokeball’s integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook, Boyd & Kummer expected it to help refine their process for managing cases. What they didn’t expect, was how Smokeball helped them get so much more out of the case management system. Beyond improving their ability to practice law, Smokeball fundamentally changed Boyd and Kummer’s day-to-day life.

The Challenges

Boyd & Kummer’s ability to deliver high-quality client service has always been a point of pride for their firm and it’s helped set them apart from other small law firms in Chicago.

Boyd & Kummer’s process for keeping track of documents, emails and client information was difficult, inefficient, and time-consuming. The challenge was that their case management system was working against them rather than working with the programs they used on a daily basis. It was cumbersome for Boyd & Kummer to navigate into Outlook, send an email, open Microsoft Word and the document, and finally open their case management system to docket everything.

“It’s seamless, it’s quick, and it’s accurate.”
Scott Kummer, Boyd & Kummer

“Smokeball is Magic”

After deciding to adopt Smokeball and completing the training, Boyd & Kummer began to see the positive outcomes for their firm almost immediately. “With Smokeball, instead of focusing on the process I am focusing on the content. It makes my work much more efficient,” Kummer says.

Putting the Pieces Together

Smokeball makes it possible forBoyd & Kummer to easily link together the programs they use most: Outlook and Word. The integration with Outlook automatically manages sent and received email and works with Smokeball to generate a clear history of communication between their practice and clients.

By storing all of their custom templates in Smokeball, Boyd & Kummer can now pull all their client information from Smokeball to automatically fill out forms, draft emails, and generate documents in seconds. Instead of going back and repurposing old documents, all their forms are automatically generated and populated with accurate client information. Smokeball has become an all-in-one system for Boyd & Kummer.


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