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"Smokeball is Magic!" -Juliet Boyd

I worked for a large firm right out of law school, a large commercial litigation firm and at some point I decided that I wanted to have more experience trying cases. So I left the old firm and partnered up with a bunch of really young, energetic attorneys and little by little that smaller firm turned into just me and my partner Juliette.

[Juliette] Primarily we do a bit of mix of criminal and civil. I’ve done everything from trials involving $70,000 worth of bok choy for a client in Chinatown to piercing in the corporate veil cases. With each type of law that we practice, we use a lot of the same forms.

[Scott] When we’re writing letters or when we’re doing motions, we’re drafting documents, we have a tendency to say I wanna go get the last letter I wrote to this person, or I wanna get the last motion that I filed in this case, and I’ll just kind of re-engineer it towards what I’m going to be doing right now.

[Juliette] We had used an old case management system. It did some things but it it was old and we needed to replace it.

I’ve always been extremely reluctant and hesitant at the software and the marketing efforts of all the other software companies. And when I was contacted by Smokeball, the reason why I even sat down with them to talk to them about it was the idea that it’s gonna integrate the programs that I already have in a better way.

Things that took a long time before are now so much easier. With Smokeball it’s generating a new form based just on this client.

[Scott] Before I would have to go into Outlook and send an email, and then go into Word and open up a document, and go into the case management program and docket everything, with Smokeball instead of focusing on the process, I’m focusing on the content. It makes my work more efficient.

There’s the document creation side which is very helpful for some things, but then there’s the client management or matter management side. You can manage your emails and your client communications all in one place.

Smokeball is like a link that takes all the stuff that I do and all the programs that I use, and brings it all together.

[Juliette] I can access Smokeball from anywhere. If my partner’s on vacation and I need to pick up one of his cases because something needs to get done, everything is saved in one place. Again, just another click of the button. Smokeball is magic.

[Scott] Whether it I’m at a airport or whether I’m at a deposition, whether I’m in court, having that information at my fingertips, I can’t think of anything that could more fundamentally change my day to day life than having that.

[Juliette] For small and solo firms, Smokeball is a gift.

[Scott] It’s seamless, it’s quick, and it’s accurate.

[Juliette] I feel like I’ve jumped two decades into the future.

Area of Law

Civil Litigation

Firm Size

2 employees


Chicago, IL

When small law firm attorneys Juliet Boyd and Scott Kummer first began searching for a better way to manage their small law firm, they were both hesitant about trying new software. But after learning how Smokeball seamlessly integrates with programs they already use on a daily basis and saves them countless hours on their regular tasks, they decided to give it a try.

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