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"As for the case management software, it is amazing. It pays for itself by capturing one or two items per month that I would have forgotten or neglected to bill, as well as organizing my files, my time, and making billing seamless and painless."
Megan Delaney Rogers

"AutoTime, Smokeball’s automatic time recording feature, has significantly increased the amount of time I capture, I would say by 30% or more."

Joshua Boehm

"We have not only been able to take on more clients, but have also seen profits skyrocket after just a few months of using Smokeball."

Michael Rapp

I feel much more organized and efficient now. It's streamlined how we operate, and I really like how everything for a file - contacts, case number, documents, all emails, notes - is in one place and accessible by the whole team."

Lora Matthews Fausett, P.C.

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