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Family Law Document Automation Toolkit from Smokeball

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


January 8, 2021

Family Law Document Automation Toolkit

As a family law attorney, you set out each day to do what’s best for your clients. You protect, you engage, and you defend. Get back to what matters with a new, time-saving offering from Smokeball.

Smokeball has put together a terrific new Toolkit specifically for family law practitioners. Download the Toolkit here, and book a Smokeball demo today to see automated documents in action. The free new Family Law Toolkit includes template letters and other documents for family law attorneys, eBooks on family law topics, and much more. Learn more about the new Toolkit below; it will help your family law practice thrive.

Document Templates

Use the provided Microsoft Word documents to understand how Document Automation can save you and your team hours upon hours. Download the Toolkit to use the documents as-is, or request a demo to see how Smokeball will fill out these documents for you on every case. Automated templates mean consistency and accuracy for your family law clients every time.

Smokeball & Family Law Whitepaper

Also included in the new Family Law Toolkit is a whitepaper on Smokeball features geared toward family lawyers. Check out everything in addition to Document Automation that Smokeball provides to family practitioners. Topics include the mobile app for lawyers, a robust calendaring system, and Activity Intelligence to remind you (to bill for) everything you do for your clients.

Hiring and Staffing eBook

Check out one of Smokeball’s more recent eBooks, “Hiring and Managing Staff to Increase Law Firm Profitability”. This eBook outlines how to grow your family law firm in a smart way that only improves your bottom line.

Download the Family Law Toolkit today for all this and more. Smokeball and this Toolkit are here to help you get back to thinking mainly about your clients and their needs. Save time with free and automatable documents and get back to the meaningful practice you set out to have.

Smokeball is the first and only complete cloud-based legal practice management software that automatically records time for you. Whether you bill hourly, fixed fee, or on contingency, Smokeball provides you the insights you need to run a more successful law firm.

Plus, with over 17,000 automated forms, document creation and management has never been easier. Access all matters on the go with Smokeball’s robust mobile app built for iPhone and Android. Smokeball manages emails & documents easily, and it creates documents in a snap with clever automation, giving you a paperless office. Book a demo today!

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