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Five Christmas Gift Ideas For Lawyers

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


April 6, 2021

The holidays are just around the corner. But if you’re looking for holiday gifts ideas for lawyers, you may feel stumped on what to buy. But don’t worry we’ve got just the perfect gift ideas for attorneys.

#1 Everything Law Related

When you’re searching for gifts for attorneys, don’t be afraid to go with the obvious—anything law related. This could include books about the history of law or a particular practice area. If you want to make it as customized as possible, the best gifts for lawyers might be related directly to the type of work they do (like legal practice management software).  For example, you might get a family law attorney a book about high-profile divorce case. You might also think about getting gifts that are mementos and just great conversation starters such as a replica of the Declaration of Independence or a judge’s gavel. There are many gift ideas for attorneys that relate directly to law so don’t limit your imagination.

A custom lawyer bobblehead.

Cool and expressive t-shirts.

If it is law related you should consider it as a possibly good gift for lawyers.

#2 Exhaustion Relief

Lawyering is hard work, so you can safely guess that your favorite lawyer is probably exhausted most of the time. Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for lawyers experiencing burnout.

  • Meditation retreat. If your favorite lawyer can get a few days off, the gift of a meditation retreat could literally save their life, or at least save them from burning out completely. Take a look online to find weekend long meditation retreats so that you can gift a lawyer the gift of relaxation.
  • A massage. It might be surprising to some but working as a lawyer can leave you with physical aches and pains. All the stress of making high stakes decisions and dealing with strict deadlines can leave lawyers tense and in pain. So gift to your favorite lawyer some time with a masseuse. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just 30 minutes under the hands of a professional can help a harried lawyer relax.
  • Meditation recordings. Does your favorite lawyer have a long commute to and from work? If so, they might appreciate meditation recordings they can listen to on the drive to and from work. The gift of meditation on a daily commute is one of the best gifts for lawyers.

#3 Traveling Tools

Is your favorite lawyer traveling a lot? If so, the presents for lawyers who travel might include a few traveling tools.

  • A smart watch. Most people don’t use a traditional watch anymore unless it’s a smart watch. A smart watch is a perfect present for lawyers because it can make it easy for an attorney to check the time no matter where they are and they won’t need to take out their phone. Not taking out a phone is important especially when the lawyer is trying to avoid doing extra work while on vacation.
  • Travel pillow. Aches and pains don’t end when your favorite lawyer clocks out. A matter of fact, traveling can create its own kids of pains. That’s why using a comfortable and collapsible travel pillow is the perfect solution.
  • eBook reader. Does your favorite lawyer do a lot of traveling for vacation? An eBook reader is the perfect present for lawyers who travel. Buy an eBook reader and load it with books from their favorite genre.
  • Frequent flyer miles. Is your favorite attorney spending too much time on the clock? Gift them your frequent flier miles so that they get a much needed vacation and time away. This is one of the better gifts for new lawyers who may not be able to afford a fancy vacation.

#4 Gifts of Style

Keeping lawyer hours can leave a person with little time to update their personal appearance. This makes the gift of style a perfect present for lawyers. Let’s take a look at some stylish gift ideas for attorneys.

  • A high quality barber or hairstylist. If you know a lawyer who has been looking for the perfect hairstylist, consider getting them a gift certificate to a high-end stylist in their city. This will give them an opportunity to try out a quality hairstylist without the financial risk.
  • A wardrobe stylist. Many people don’t know this but using a good wardrobe stylist can help anyone find the clothing styles and colors that are most flattering. This is a really good gift for new lawyers who are struggling to find the right style for them. Just a few hours with a stylist can give your favorite lawyer a wardrobe template they can use for years to come.
  • Small stylish gifts. If you just want to have a few stocking stuffers for your favorite lawyer, ties, jewelry, and styling tools like clippers for facial hair are nice small gifts for new lawyers just putting together their styling tools.

#5 Healthy Gifts

Keeping your favorite lawyers happy isn’t just about dealing with their superficial needs—giving the gift of health is a present that will keep on giving for years to come. Here are some healthy gift ideas for attorneys.

  • Gym membership. Is there a lawyer in your life who has been talking about getting in shape again? Consider giving them one-year membership at a local gym.
  • Food delivery. Lawyers work such long hours that they don’t often have time to cook at home. Keep the lawyer in your life healthy by gifting a prepared meal delivery plan. This makes it quick and easy for them to make their own homemade meals no matter how long they work.
  • Workout tools. Even if the lawyer in your life hates to go to the gym, consider giving them a gift that allows them to workout at home. Jump ropes, free weights, yoga DVDS or mp4s, and workout workbooks are great gift ideas for attorneys.

Keeping your favorite lawyer happy this holiday season is easy when considering all the gift ideas for lawyers out there. All you need is a little background information about the lawyer in your life so that you can find the gift that fits their personality and personal needs perfectly.

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