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How hourly, flat fee, and contingency billers can bill more without charging more

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


June 3, 2021

Not only does Smokeball help law firms get their work done faster with industry leading productivity tools, it also makes sure fee earners are paid what they’re worth.  

On average, Smokeball users bill almost twice the industry averageThanks to our automatic time tracking featureAutoTimeearners’ billable hours are tracked and recorded with no setting and stopping of timers required. Legal fee earners are able to bill for the work they actually do, not just the work they remember to add to their timesheets at the end of the month 

This is an obvious advantage for hourly billers, but what about those who bill on a fixed fee or contingency basis? Simple – automatic time tracking shows firms where they both make and lose money so that they can optimize their processes and their pricing.  

Time tracking for fixed fee and contingency billing

It’s impossible to create a fixed fee structure that is fair to your clients while profitable to your law firm without accurate data. Having a record of how much time you’ve spent on different tasks and types of cases enables you to accurately estimate how much time those cases and tasks might take in the future and set your firm’s fees accordingly.  

Instead of a flat fee rate based on gut feeling or what one of your competitors charges, you’re able to set those fees based on real evidence and experience.  

Accurate time tracking is also essential to firms billing on contingency. Without data on how likely a case is to settle in your favor, how much that settlement might be worth, and most importantly how much time you will spend on the case before a conclusion is reached, planning your firm’s financial future is futile 

Bill more without charging your clients more

The combination of Smokeball’s innovative productivity features with our unique automatic time tracking will increase the time you are paid for — no matter how you bill. 

Smokeball transforms law firm productivity and allows firms to get significantly more work done every day. Seamless email management abolishes the time previously spent filing and searching for emails, and document automation (including a pre-built form library of over 17,000 formsprepares your letters and court forms quickly and accurately.  

Powerful legal task and workflow tools mean that you and your staff will never waste another minute wondering what the next step in a case is or who that step is assigned to. Stay on top of critical dates with a legal calendar that integrates with Outlook, and ensure that your staff and clients are always kept informed of the latest developments in a case through our secure messaging and file sharing systemSmokeball makes it easy to collaborate whether you’re working remotely or from the office. 

By cutting hours of tedious (and often unbillable) administrative tasks out of your week, Smokeball allows you to shift your focus to the tasks that really matter, completing cases more quickly and allowing you to add more billable hours to each day. That’s the beauty of billing more without charging your clients more.  

If you’re ready to learn more about how Smokeball can help your firm to be more organized, productive, and profitable in 2021 and beyond, contact us for a free customized demonstration.  

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