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How to Build Your Law Firm’s Book of Business

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


February 20, 2018


Bringing in new clients is the lifeblood of every new law firm, which is why you need to know how to build your law firm’s book of business. That’s why it’s important that law firms have a solid strategy in place for getting new business. Let’s take a look at a few reliable tactics for getting clients when you’re starting from ground zero with these tips on how to build your law firm’s book of business.

Personal Network

The first thing you should do to bring in new clients is mine your personal network to build your law firm’s book of business.  You may be surprised by how many people in your life know someone who needs a lawyer.  Make it a habit to ask them about referrals on a regular basis. You should also connect to your LinkedIn contacts and other social media asking directly about referrals.

Build a Client Database

It is critical that you build a database of professional connections. When you attend a conference, networking event, class or any other function related to your job as an attorney, you should collect business cards and immediately place them in your database so that you can follow up at a later date. Having an intuitive database will build your law firm’s book of business and give you a well from which you can draw new business over the long run. If someone doesn’t do business with you today, it’s very likely they will do business with you in the future as long as you keep in regular contact.

Remain Consistent

When you’re reaching out to your contacts, remain consistent about how often you email or call them.  Commit to sending out monthly or weekly updates and try to do so on the same day of each month.  If you’re consistent and provide valuable information, those connections will come to expect and even look forward to your regular communication.

Invest in Content Marketing to Get Leads

One of the first things people do when looking for an attorney is research information about their legal issue. If you want to build a new client base, creating web content specific to your practice area can help you get attention and build your reputation as an expert.  Your content should be of high value, specific to your state/city, and appear on all of your social media accounts. If you can cross post to other blogs or websites that are related to your field that would be advisable too. For example, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, you might cross post to a blog that discusses personal finances. That way, more people can find you and it builds trust when potential clients see that others trust your expertise.

Referral Networks

It’s important that you ask existing clients for referrals from day one. It will be a lot easier to get referrals than it will be to gain new clients who have never heard of you before. Place your request for referrals in the signature of your email, on your website, and on your social media accounts. You may be surprised by how many people are willing to put in a good word for you and send referrals your way. Don’t pass up this excellent opportunity to get new clients.

Building your law firm’s book of business will provide long-term profits and stability.

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