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5 Ways Your at Risk for a Law Firm Information Breach

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


February 20, 2018

Technology may aim to make our lives easier, but it can also present a new set of hardships for users to overcome. While most people know to be wary about what information they give away online, some still don’t quite understand all the ways their digital information can be compromised. As a lawyer, you know your computer and digital accounts house plenty of confidential information and personal records. In the interest of safeguarding it, it’s imperative your small law firm be aware of gaps in technology that can put your clients’ private information at risk.

Have you protected your firm in these five high-risk areas?

Software that Isn’t Secure

When sharing sensitive information in the Cloud or via mobile devices, use programs that store your legal information securely. Smokeball, for example, offers bank-grade security to keep your confidential information safe. Meaning the information logged in Smokeball is guarded by top-notch security programs that monitor for data breaches and “open windows” for hackers.

A data breach could be disastrous for your firm, leading to financial damage and a loss of reputation. To protect your firm’s and your clients’ information, it’s vital to invest in secure software choices before it’s too late.

Personal Devices, Professional Information

Do your employees use personal devices for work purposes? If so, make sure your firm has a strong “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy in place. In this policy, explain the security measures your team must take to ensure their devices are more secure, including the use of complex passwords, virus protection programs, and required software updates. Precautions are necessary because passwords can easily be stolen from a hacked mobile device and used to infiltrate the firm.

Passwords and Authentication

Poor password choices essentially invite hackers into your firm’s network. Educate your team about password security, including the need to periodically update passwords. Consider a password manager to help generate and store secure passwords for your entire firm. Want more information on password security? Read our post from last week.

Client Communications

With numerous client files to manage throughout the day, it’s important your team is careful of how sensitive information is shared. Keep client communications organized to prevent accidentally sharing firm information outside the team. Smokeball helps attorneys manage communications, documents and forms for every client matter in one place, making it easier to keep sensitive information secure.

“Digital Debris”

“Digital debris” is the backlog of outdated files, communications and online accounts that are no longer necessary but still accessible to hackers. While keeping the necessary records is important, your firm should periodically clean up these files by deleting anything you no longer need.

Clearing up your digital debris not only makes your firm more secure, it also saves digital storage space. Moreover, it saves your team time from searching through old files for current information. Use a document management program like Smokeball to keep files organized and up-to-date.

Digital security should be a chief concern for every law firm. Protect your firm and your clients by implementing smart procedures in place to keep things running smoothly and safely.

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