Like many companies, Smokeball uses several internal systems to maintain processes within various departments. It’s necessary to have someone who understands the ins and outs of each system so they can help resolve any problems or make workflows easier. Kareem Miller is our dedicated employee in providing this support to Smokeball. We’d be lost without his in depth understanding and knowledge of Databases, the many integrations they come with, and his ability to understand all of the goals we’re trying to accomplish. We were lucky to have Kareem join the Smokeball family in March of 2016 as he has been an integral part of our team.

What is your position at Smokeball?

Salesforce Administrator

What were you up to prior to coming to work at Smokeball? How did you find yourself here?

I was previously a Project Lead and Manager at a Fortune 100 insurance company. I was looking to work full time in Chicago and met a recruiter through a mutual friend.

What does a normal day in the life of Kareem Miller look like at Smokeball?

  • Orchestrating meetings
  • Handling Salesforce related requests
  • Creating and enhancing processes that apply to our internal systems
  • Creating documentation for the current state of different automated processes

What are the most rewarding and most challenging parts of your job?

The most challenging part of my position is providing solutions for a specific problem or group, while ensuring that same solution doesn’t interfere with other processes or groups within Smokeball. The most rewarding part of my position is that I’m challenged everyday with different use cases and scenarios which expands my understanding of the system we use. Collaborating with colleagues and, collectively, identifying solutions to achieve our goals is another rewarding aspect of my job.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far at Smokeball? What are you looking forward to accomplishing?

At Smokeball, one of my biggest accomplishments has been expanding my skillset to coding within some of the internal systems we use. This has granted me flexibility when discovering solutions to complex problems.

Tell me a bit about your hobbies outside of Smokeball?

Outside of Smokeball, I have a passion for music. I enjoy all kinds of music, specifically hip hop and jazz. I spend my evenings and weekends producing and mixing while also recording a lot of my own music. I also love exploring and participating in new ventures I am not familiar with.

Any fun and exciting plans in the upcoming future (outside of Smokeball)?

Yeah, I travel often. This year I will be heading to Mexico for a few trips as well as spending a week in Greece and London for vacation.