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Manage your practice on the go with Smokeball’s new and improved lawyer app for Android and iOS

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


June 3, 2021

The Smokeball app for iOS and Android brings Smokeball from your desktop to your pocket, helping you manage your practice whether on the go or in the courtroom. And with our most recent version release, the lawyer app is faster, easier to navigate, and has a sleek new user interface.

Practice management software in the palm of your hand

The Smokeball legal app gives you access to your entire practice from your mobile phone. See the details of every one of your matters – including emails, documents, memos, and contacts – no matter where you are. Our unlimited cloud storage means you can pull up your documents any time you need them.

All your business contacts – attorneys, insurers, realtors, and other experts – can be stored in the Smokeball app, without you having to maintain them in your phone’s personal contact book. With the addition of our secure messaging platform, Communicate, you can easily send matter files and SMS messages to clients.

The combination of these two law apps allow you to completely separate your business life from your personal life even if you use the same smartphone for both. At a time when the lines between home and work are more blurred than ever, Smokeball makes it easy to stay focused.

View and manage tasks on the go

Smokeball’s Tasks feature allows users to create and assign reminders and assignments to themselves or colleagues. With the mobile app you can manage your own tasks and time entries on the go, as well as monitor tasks created and completed by other members of your law firm, so you’re never out of the loop.

Each morning the Mobile Daily Digest provides a clean and complete list of tasks and events to your phone, giving you a snapshot of what your day will look like before you even open your computer in the morning. This digital to-do list ensures that you’re able to plan and prioritize for the day with confidence.

Calendar software and billing that works when you need it

With the Smokeball legal app you always have your calendar software with you. Create or edit time entries and calendar events in real time; your calendar is cached so that you can see what’s going on even when you’re unable to connect to the internet, and any updates you make will sync with the rest of your desktop Smokeball and Outlook calendars as soon as you’re back online. Our new Pending AutoTime feature even lets you view and modify AutoTime entries as they are created. Previously, AutoTime entries were calculated and added overnight and then made available for editing, but Pending AutoTime gives you the freedom to edit those entries as they arise.

With just a few touches, billing and expense entries can be entered while they are top of mind and will connect directly to Smokeball’s attorney billing software. Never miss a billable hour again with the ability to update your billing between hearings, after meetings, and on the go. Our lawyer app makes it easy to enter expenses as they arise, offering you and your clients peace of mind that all expenses are being tracked accurately.

The Smokeball app is designed for use on your smartphone as a true mobile app, and is not recommended for iPads. The app is currently available in both the App Store and Google Play and can be downloaded free of charge. An active Smokeball license will be required to sign into and use the app.

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