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Personal Injury Success Series: Choosing the Right Software

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


April 28, 2021

This is the first in a series of posts tailored to personal injury firms seeking the right software to improve their profitability and productivity.

Personal Injury lawyers wear many hats; they serve as the confidant, the counselor, and the advocate for people in crisis due to accidents, negligence or malicious harm. As a result, the workflow necessary for each case can seem insurmountable. Manually tracking matter details from all involved parties and keeping note of medical reports, insurance claims, worker’s compensation claims, and the other multitude of factors associated with a Personal Injury case can often feel too cumbersome for you and your team of lawyers.

Strong Technology Foundation Required

If you want to successfully run a Personal Injury law firm, you must have a strong technological foundation of software tools that help get the job done right. Just as a doctor relies heavily on medical diagnostic tools to assist in seeing the damage that may not be evident otherwise, cutting-edge law firm management software is imperative to the success of a personal injury case and the protection of your clients.

The question is no longer ‘should I incorporate software into my legal practice?’ but rather ‘which software works best for the needs of my clients and my practice?”

Every Personal Injury law firm must have a commitment to seamless internal and external communication with associates, partners, and anyone related to a matter. Your software should also ensure that all case details, including photographs, testimony, and police reports, are protected and secure.

Whether you’re a veteran law firm updating your software or you’re a new law firm exploring law firm management software for the first time, you want to invest in the most effective software available that addresses the needs of Personal Injury legal practices. No matter what phase your law firm is in, your decision to establish a strong technological foundation is imperative to your success.

Essential Features

If you want to keep your law firm on the cutting edge of today’s law practice management technology, there are four primary features to consider when choosing the best software for your firm:

  1.     User-Friendliness
  2.     Accessibility
  3.     Efficiency
  4.     Organization

But even with all the right basic features, if the software does not fit the specific workflow needs of a Personal Injury law firm it’s not only a useless tool, it can negatively impact your ability to serve your clients effectively. You need law practice management software like Smokeball that takes into account the unique workflow needs of Personal Injury attorneys, plaintiff-specific matter types and defendant-specific matter types.

There are many software packages on the market, but you should make sure that the software you choose fits your unique needs. This guide will highlight major features of law practice management tools like Smokeball and offer tips for comparing software so you can make an informed decision when choosing the best personal injury case management software for your practice. After all, the right software can help you remove a few hats and focus on what really matters in your practice, so choose wisely.

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