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Case Management for Every Little Detail

Noel Peel

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Noel Peel


September 5, 2019

Every small law firm knows success is all in the details. However, when you’re battling hefty caseloads pressing deadlines, keeping track of each and every little detail your matters can seem next to impossible. Here at Smokeball, we’ve made it our mission to help attorneys manage every aspect of their cases with ease, and the features of our software reflect that intention. We’re all about helping you work smarter during the day and rest easier at night. Here are three Smokeball features that will help you keep your matter details in order:

Document Automation

Dotting all of your i’s, crossing all of your t’s and double (or triple) checking your work takes time. What if you didn’t have to keep re-reading all your documents to ensure you caught all your mistakes? Enter document automation. Document automation takes your clients’ information and details about their matters, and then seamlessly fills in letters, court forms, fee agreements, and standard documents you use every day with the proper customizations. Document automation can even determine which personal pronouns (he/she/his/hers/theirs) should be used where. Even better? This feature makes it almost impossible to finalize a document that has errors.

Daily Digest Pane

Managing cases and juggling client matters puts time management to the test at small law firms. If you’re having trouble prioritizing or are struggling with important tasks falling through the cracks, look no further than the Smokeball’s Daily Digest Pane. The Daily Digest puts today’s tasks front-and-center on your Smokeball home screen. Overdue tasks appear in red with the rest of your to-dos displayed below. The Daily Digest also acknowledges that not all tasks are created equal and allows attorneys and legal staff to prioritize less pressing tasks for another day.

Call Management

Managing missed calls can create headaches, especially since most attorneys spend a lot of time out of the office. Luckily, Smokeball’s call management feature makes it easy to keep track of missed phone calls and ensures that important messages never fall to the wayside. Missed calls show up on your Daily Digest Pane, and one click provides seamless access to contact information and case details for the caller. Never again will you get on the phone with a client without their information in front of you. Paralegals and legal assistants who take calls for the attorneys at your firm can also utilize Smokeball’s missed call feature to pass messages along. There’s no excuse for letting messages get lost on a Post-it note or forgotten completely when passing them along is this easy.

Document Management

Attorneys manage a ton of documents. Instead of filing client information away or losing it to the Lock Desk Monster, use Smokeball’s document management system to ensure that all client documents stay organized and secure. In Smokeball, every client document exists in its respective digital client matter file, allowing you to find pressing documents in a flash. Features like versioning and collaboration ensure your whole firm is on the same page and that all team members have the relevant information they need to handle those unexpected client calls anytime, anywhere.

Email Management

Move over crowded inbox—Smokeball’s email management feature champions both organization and accessibility. Completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Smokeball allows attorneys to send organized emails within the software, ensuring that each email is associated with a specific case. By creating a clear history of communication between you and your clients, you’ll save yourself hours and make sorting through long email chains to find client information a thing of the past.

There’s no reason to get bogged down in the details with Smokeball on your team. For more information on how to get up and running on Smokeball, take a look at our whitepaper: Is Your Law Office Ready for Smokeball?


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