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Boyd & Kummer

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Area of Law
Civil Litigation
Firm Size
Chicago, IL
Smokeball seamlessly integrates with a litigation firm's daily workflow to save them countless hours.

Unsatisfied with their case management system’s functionality, boutique litigation firm Boyd & Kummer turned to Smokeball to improve how they managed their practice.
Initially attracted by Smokeball’s integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook, Boyd & Kummer expected it to help refine their process for managing cases. What they didn’t expect, was how Smokeball helped them get so much more out of the case management system. Beyond improving their ability to practice law, Smokeball fundamentally changed Boyd and Kummer’s day-to-day life.

Boyd & Kummer
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It’s seamless, it’s quick, and it’s accurate.

Scott Kummer, Partner, Boyd & Kummer


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