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Camino Law Firm

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Area of Law
Family Law
Firm Size
7 employees
Greensboro, NC
Smokeball helps a family law firm prioritize their clients and staff while doubling revenue.

Clients come to Camino Law because their family law and family-based immigration issues are resolved with warmth and care. Founder and CEO Abigail Seymour can prioritize her clients’ well-being because Smokeball gives her clarity and time back.  

Struggling to stay above water

As a long-time business owner, Abigail knew having the right systems in place was critical to Camino Law’s success. Before Smokeball, Abigail felt harried and scattered across software that didn’t integrate well. She wasn’t billing enough because she struggled to track her time. The disorganization made it difficult to focus on client care.

A life raft

After researching several legal softwares, Abigail chose Smokeball for its advanced automatic time tracking. With AutoTime, she reviews her billables and can edit non-billable entries in a click. Document automation was also huge for Camino Law. Thanks to the form library, Abigail can take an emergency case at night and file it the next day because document drafting is so quick with Smokeball. Additionally, Camino Law loves the client portal, which allows for easy, private client communication. Beyond any one feature, Smokeball provides an integrated system that ensures staff are fast, accurate and on-task. “Because of Smokeball tasks, we say ‘task me.’ You know when the software enters your office lexicon, that it’s essential,” shares Abigail.

Fast feet, level head

Not only is Smokeball the unifying system Abigail sought, it’s helping grow and power Camino Law. "We’re like ducks. Smokeball is powering the fast feet so that everyone on staff can be still, calm and emotionally available,” Abigail laughs. Now with full insight into matters, staff’s workload and firm profitability, Abigail knows exactly what her firm's billable hour requirements need to be to thrive without sacrificing her team’s work-life balance. Best of all, Abigail and her staff can provide the friendly, high-touch service their clients deserve.

Camino Law Firm
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We’ve tripled revenue since our first year of business, and we’ll double our revenue this year over last. There are many factors in that success, but it centers around Smokeball.

Abigail Seymour, Founder & CEO, Camino Law


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