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Diana Cupps Law

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Area of Law
Family Law
Firm Size
3 employees
Tulsa, Oklahoma
With Smokeball, a family law firm grows 35% without sacrificing their exceptional client care

Diana Cupps Law cares deeply about guiding their clients through emotionally fraught life events. When Office Manager Troy Cupps first saw Smokeball, he knew their firm couldn’t afford not to use it. The staff get complete transparency into every case—and the time and energy saved through their efficient case management is invested directly into phenomenal client care.

A night and day difference between Smokeball and other legal software

Before Smokeball, Diana Cupps Law used software that promised to help them manage cases, documents, and everything in-between so they could get more done, faster. In reality, the platform was mediocre. Despite the firm’s frustration with clunky functionality, they were locked into a one-year contract and not looking to change. While attending a conference, Troy learned about Smokeball. “I fell in love. We’re not impulse buyers. We contemplate and plan out everything. But I immediately saw the value of Smokeball compared to the software we were using. It was night and day,” recalls Troy.

Diana and Troy switched to Smokeball while continuing to pay for eight months of the abandoned software. “The change was significant enough between the systems that we couldn’t wait until the contract ended. And it’s the best thing we ever did,” says Troy.

Talking a big game—and delivering

Smokeball appeared to be exactly what Diana Cupps Law needed, and the firm was thrilled to discover that Smokeball delivered what they promised. “Salespeople promise the world. But everything Smokeball promised was true,” remembers Troy. Some of the key differentiators:

  • Easy set-up and data conversion from the previous system  
  • Guided onboarding and helpful training sessions with Smokeball experts
  • Seamless Microsoft Office and RingCentral integrations for maximum efficiency
  • Robust document automation to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Automatic time tracking to capture previously lost billable time

Priceless functionality

Troy and the team found Smokeball to be user-friendly and dove into features they loved. Their former software’s RingCentral integration was so cumbersome “it was better to just not have it connected,” according to Troy. “In Smokeball, every call is captured with no duplicates. Every detail—caller, time, length of call—is perfectly synced to the matter. This alone is priceless,” says Troy.  

Similarly, Smokeball connects with Microsoft Outlook and Word, so every email and document are saved to their associated matter. “With the Office integration, staff have a full view of every case. I can go into a matter, click on an email or document, and—even if I didn’t write it—see what was said. This is invaluable for a family law firm like us,” says Troy. This means any staff member can respond to a client’s call or email for excellent client service.

Increasing accuracy alongside efficiency

In addition to improving efficiency, Smokeball also allows Diana Cupps Law to bill more accurately than ever before. With automatic time tracking, staff’s online activity is recorded for easy review and billing. This allows previously forgotten 10- and 15-minute chunks to be captured, adding up to significant billable hours.  

Staff also rely on the Forms and Templates Library to quickly and accurately produce documents. For example, if there is a judge or docket change, staff members can simply update the Smokeball matter with the change and every subsequent document accurately displays the new information.  

With Smokeball Intake, the firm sends their custom intake form to potential clients via email. The client’s information syncs directly into Smokeball, saving staff inconvenient intake calls and the risk of incorrectly entering data. Diana Cupps Law also has the intake form on their website where potential leads can submit all necessary information with no prompting from the firm.

Smokeball enabled more than 35% growth in addition to staffing efficiencies

After signing up for Smokeball, Diana Cupps Law started growing and moved to a bigger building. In less than a year, the firm had experienced more than 35% growth. “That wouldn’t have been possible without Smokeball,” says Troy.

The increased caseload is a result of the staff’s efficiency and visibility with Smokeball. Troy believes Smokeball essentially fills the role of a full-time paralegal and has saved them hiring for that role—an enormous cost-savings.  

Best of all: the firm’s growth hasn’t come at the cost of the exceptional client care Troy and Diana pride themselves on. “We love Smokeball. We work in it every day, and all the features are truly a joy to use. We seriously want to be Smokeball users for life,” says Troy.

Diana Cupps Law
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We’ve seen more than 35% growth. That wouldn’t have been possible without Smokeball. And we’re about to increase that growth with the additional efficiencies we’ve built in through Smokeball.

Troy Cupps, Office Manager, Diana Cupps Law


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