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Generation Law

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Area of Law
Estate Planning
Firm Size
13 employees
Elmhurst, IL
An estate planning firm secures their future with Smokeball

Generation Law provides personalized estate planning and guardianship litigation to help families plan for their futures and make sense of turbulent times. But in 2020, this expert team of 13 found themselves in a vulnerable situation, lacking control over the firm’s future—until they found Smokeball.  

Failure to Launch  

In 2020, Generation Law left their technologically unstable legal practice management software for a new software solution. Unfortunately, the new “solution” was little more than proof of concept and left them scrambling. Staff were frustrated and unable to manage their work. Billing was a chore. Meanwhile, an unprecedented global health crisis was already taxing communication and patience. Chief Operating Officer Matt Johnson joined Generation Law in the midst of the system transition chaos and knew that despite the pain of changing case management systems twice in three months, the firm had no choice but to change vendors again.

All Systems Go  

After evaluating four options, Matt chose Smokeball for its easy billing, efficient workflows and insightful reporting. Generation Law required a fast, efficient migration. “We got it done so quickly that we had a clean break from our old system into Smokeball. We didn’t lose a single employee. Having happy staff and being able to send out bills—it was just amazing,” says Matt.

Productivity Skyrockets

Now Generation Law operates efficiently from a single source of truth. Their attorneys love Smokeball’s app for non-billable work, and productivity has skyrocketed with the software. Matt uses the law firm insights reporting to evaluate Generation Law’s performance. Because the data is derived from automatic time entries and billing, Matt and the partners can make informed decisions. With Smokeball providing a rock-solid foundation, Generation Law is the dependable resource their clients can rely on.

Generation Law
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We’ve been able to increase the number of client work hours that our attorneys are doing in a day as a direct result of using Smokeball.

Matt Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Generation Law


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